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Natural Artisan there’s something about a kratom vendor website that’s polished and professional that just makes you feel more confident in making a purchase. The cool colorways, the sophisticated logo, and the appealing copy all create the perfect conditions for you to fill up your cart and move through check-out.

But ironed branding isn’t the only marker of a brand worth patronizing, and All Natural Aritsan is proof of that. With a website that looks like it was put together by an average Joe, All Natural Artisan offers some of the best product out there, with an internet’s worth of feedback to prove it.

Reviews About All Natural Artisan

Their name already kind of gives you an idea what they’re all about. According to their website, All Natural Artisan uses only the highest quality kratom leaves available to produce ‘artisan’ kratom products. However they fail to provide any real, objective information to prove that claim. They also don’t have any lab reports on their website to provide buyers insight on what they’re getting.

One of the things you would expect from an ‘artisan’ brand is a dedication to prove that their products are that good. Without too many information on their site, it’s tough to fully appreciate the artisan persona they’re going for. Nonetheless, there are lots of resources online that might nudge you towards making a purchase anyway.

Although their website doesn’t leave room for reviews (another bummer), the brand is big on forums like Reddit. Most netizens on the site claim that All Natural Artisan is one of the most trusted, most reliable vendors out there, selling quality products that satisfy even the most experience kratom enthusaists out there.

Do keep note though that All Natural Artisan doesn’t seem to have their own Facebook page. So Reddit might be the only place online where you’ll find reliable, consumer generated reviews about their products and services. Even then, Reddit is teeming with threads about the vendor, so you’re not likely to run out of resources during the course of your due diligence.

All Artisan Product Line-Up

All Natural Artisan carries way more than just kratom. The brand is a dedicated botanicals one-stop shop, so you’re also going to find , CBG, teas, extracts, tinctures, seeds, and even live plants through their line-up. But even with all the choices available, All Natural Artisan maintains kratom as their main squeeze.

Some of their kratom strains include:

  • Kapuas
  • Borneo
  • Thai
  • Malay
  • Bali
  • Plantation

These strains are available in white, green, or red vein varieties in weights of 25g, 100g, 250g, or 1kg. But aside from their standard strains, they also carry a wide range of other kratom products such as their premium artisan amber strains. Available in both Maeng Da and Bali, this artisan choice is said to contain more mitragynine per dose compared to standard strains.

There are lots of other quirky products on their list including mid-grade kratom, premium kratom, and KraCoco — an interesting kratom confection that incorporates kratom into a soft chocolate flavored chewable. Kratom capsules, tinctures, and extracts are also pretty prominent on their line-up, with the brand offering their own version of a liquid kratom extract they dub ‘Liquid Gold.

All Natural Artisan Pricing and Coupon Codes

Although most of their standard kraotm strains sell for an average price, their artisan picks are definitely more expensive. A 25g packet of their standard kratom powder goes for just $3.60, while kilograms sell for $71.20. Comparing to other brands, their bulk packages are obviously much cheaper compared to a lot of other vendors out there.

Obviously, enhanced kratom strains sell for much more. Their kilogram bags go for up to $290 each, which can definitely put a dent in your wallet if you’re a recurrent buyer. On the upside, they do have the occasional sale. Their premium blends and even their artisan kratom powders are reduced to $72 and $85.50 per kilogram during sale season, so that’s definitely something to look forward to.

Keep in mind that since they’re not big on social media, All Natural Artisan doesn’t have a lot of coupon codes available for their buyers. They also don’t have a newsletter, so there’s no way to get information on their latest sales and promotional offers other than visiting their website the good old fashioned way.

The Verdict on All Natural Artisan Kratom

When it comes to kratom variety, All Natural Artisan is definitely a top contender. The brand offers a wide range of products in varying strengths, potencies, and concentrations, catering to buyers with different levels of tolerance. And while the prices for their premium, artisan, and enhanced blends might be slightly over budget, they do hold the occasional sale to bring their products just within reach of every kind of buyer.

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