Fix Windows Can’t Connect To Printer Error

If you start showing the wrong code 0x0 0x0 after a brand new Windows update. Uninstall them and see if it helps. Many Windows 11 clients have shown that uninstalling KBKB5005565 and KB5005568 solved the problem.


  • Rotate to the navigation panel.
  • Click Uninstall a program.
  • Then click View Install Update.
  • Select Replace today and press the Uninstall button.


Alternatively, you can use the Spark of Command to get rid of recently installed Windows updates.


  • Click on the search icon.
  • Type cmd in the search field.
  • Click the Micro Center on the spark off command and leave the device as an administrator.
  • Then run the wusa / uninstall / kb command: Enter the KB amount after the colon.


After uninstalling the updates, check to see if your PC can connect to your printer. If the error is 0x0000011b, set up your printer using its IP.


However, you need to quickly deactivate computerized updates. When you restart your PC, Windows will regularly download and set up today’s updates, again triggering the wrong 0x0000011b.


Manually add printer Deal using IP

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Bluetooth and Tools.
  • Scroll to the right on the printer and scanner.
  • Then click the Add a device featuring a Micro Center or scanner.
  • Click on the hyperlink which declares that the printer you need to feature is not always on the list
  • Follow the on-display screen command and manually input the IP deal of the printer.
  • Click Next to connect your PC to your printer.
  • Print a check web page to see if your printer is working as intended.


Disable Print Spooler RPC encryption

To recover error code 0x0000011b, Microsoft says you need to disable Print Spooler privacy settings for each sponsor and print server. When RPC Auth Level is ready for Privacy Enabled Registry Key 1, Windows regularly encrypts RPC conversations with community printers and print servers. Disable this selection to remove incorrect code 0x0000011b


  • Launch the Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE system current control set control print.
  • Right-click the print key and select the brand new → DWORD-32 bit value.
  • Name the brand new key Rpc Auth Level Privacy Enabled 6


Update Extensive Tool Motive Force

Give it a try and recover the driving force problem on any PC and the correct method is to replace your intended power. Even if you think they are out of date, a new replacement may be introduced later, or your intended documents may be lost because you are finally established.


It is easy to replace the driving force of a tool that makes the error “This tool cannot start (code 10)” on your PC:


Simultaneously press the Windows + X key on your keyboard, then click Device Manager.

Expand the Expanded Tools section by clicking the front arrow icon. Right-click the tool you’re having trouble with (you can detect it by trying to find a yellow exclamation mark) and select the replacement motive force.

Select “Automatically search for up-to-date motive force software” to allow Windows to discover today’s compatible drivers with your tool. Note that you will need a connection to the Internet to perform this step.

Once the brand new Motive Force is downloaded and installed, restart your PC. After rebooting, make sure the error continues as a gift when you return to Device Manager.



A registry change

  1. A registry is a significant neighborhood for all kinds of functions on your system. It’s almost like an under-the-hood view of your machine, allowing you to find hidden settings and more. It can also be used to recover insects and bugs, like the newsletter we are managing.


  1. If you know how the registry works, this strategy will guide you through the steps. However, when you have never touched this software before, it can create a registry backup first. Even a small typo here can cause serious damage to Sublimation Printer development!


  1. Press the Windows + R key on your keyboard. This run utility can be carried.
  1. Type “Regedit” without the quotation marks and press Enter key on your keyboard. It will publish the registry editor software.
  1. Use the navigation pane to access the next registry keys, or use the agreement with the bar and copy-paste around the file:
  1. You will see a list of sophisticated GUIDs, which are a chain of alphanumeric characters in parentheses. To use this list, set the best elegant GUID for the tool you’re having trouble with. It should look like this.


  1. In the results displayed in your window, notice the upper filter and lower filter values. Delete each by right-clicking on their respective names and deciding to delete them from the context menu.


To repair blunders code 0x0 0x0 while printing on Windows 11, uninstall all these days and set up updates, in particular KBKB5005565 and KB5005568. Then, manually join the printer to the usage of its IP address. If the mistake persists, disable Print Spooler RPC encryption.

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