Dry cleaning or laundry which option to choose for laundry care?

Dry cleaning

When we talk about professional clothing Dry cleaning- imposed or not – on employees, it is also about the different options available for their maintenance. If they are considered as devices relating to the health and safety of employees, their maintenance is also the responsibility of the company. Which option is then the most suitable for your situation?

Difference between dry cleaning and laundry

You often hear about dry cleaning and laundry, and it’s not always easy to tell the difference between these two cleaning services. Both designate the care of laundry, but they differ on one essential point: the type of treatment given to the textile. Because if the laundry treats the laundry in an industrial way, the dry cleaning offers a rather tailor-made treatment for each of the garments entrusted to it, with various services such as dry cleaning.

Laundry: a water-based maintenance

With the laundry, all clothes are washed in water and do not undergo any special treatment and cleaning. It is therefore completely compatible with the most resistant materials such as cotton, linen or synthetic. It is moreover the system most used by companies which have large quantities of textiles to treat: hotels, restaurants, beauty institutes and spas, etc., with numerous sheets, towels, tablecloths and curtains to maintain. Click here for laundry Mississauga

Laundry: ideal cleaning for delicate clothes

Laundry, also called dry cleaning, is intended more for delicate clothes and valuables. Since the latter cannot be simply washed with water, it is necessary to offer them more specific maintenance and cleaning that is more respectful of the materials. This is the case for a number of subjects such as:

The latter are most often used for dresses, ties, shirts or jackets. The equipment required for this type of cleaning is also much more complex than in a laundry which only has large washing machines. Here, the cleaning system does not use water, but a liquid mixture made from solvents (chlorinated hydrocarbons), and therefore requires the purchase of specific laundry machines.

Opt for in-house laundry

Does your business operate with a large volume of laundry? It is therefore essential to think of a lasting solution for this position. You then have the choice between several possibilities, the first being to install a laundry with a dry cleaning in your company.

Company laundry: installation and operating constraints

But although useful on a daily basis, the business laundry is a rather cumbersome structure to set up. It indeed imposes many constraints in terms of:

installation cost but also operating cost: purchase of equipment, recruitment and training of the teams in charge of this position.

safety with instructions to be followed at the time of its installation, but also on a daily basis with regard to the personnel.

It is also necessary that you have a real need to install it, that is to say a sufficient number of employees. But if there are too many of these, your laundry service may not be enough. The presence of a professional washing machine is then insufficient, and the cleaning and treatment of the laundry can become too time-consuming.

Financial support, an economical and practical solution

It can therefore be considered to offer financial support for the company on this item rather than opting for this type of in-house installation. Here, the possibilities are numerous and do not require any investment in installation. You can then opt for:

Financial support for the maintenance and cleaning costs of your employees’ laundry with a prepaid card like Cleanaway. The latter being usable in more than 1,300 dry cleaners throughout France, it offers a tremendous benefit in kind to your employees.

It is also possible to compensate your employees after the fact. They must therefore prove their laundry expenses with supporting documents, so that you can reimburse them. It is an efficient system, but heavy enough for the accounting teams.

You can also provide for a maintenance bonus which will be added each month to the pays lip.

Opt for an external service

Companies particularly concerned with cleaning a large volume of laundry, and who do not wish to opt for in-house laundry, can also call on external services. A contract is then signed with a laundry or dry cleaning outside the company.

The advantages of the dry cleaning or laundry service

Thanks to the contract between the company and the professional dry cleaning or laundry, no cleaning installation is necessary on the site. Your business can therefore benefit from significant advantages:

The company saves on the cost of this implementation, but also on the operating costs of such a service.

The delivery of clean linen can be carried out regularly, which facilitates the daily life of the company and all employees.

The linen is perfectly maintained, cleaned and dry and the fabrics benefit from a treatment respectful of their specificities.

It is also possible to take advantage of additional services such as alterations.

The price negotiated during such a contract is obviously interesting for the company, and will be directly linked to the volume of linen treated, during each period, by the dry cleaning service.

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