Give a new life to printing packaging by using cardboard boxes

According to a survey of marketing, 40 percent of the customers like to share the picture or experience of the product’s packaging with others. Similarly, 90 percent of them like to keep exception packaging with themselves or reuse them. However, 52 percent like to return their packaging so that the brand can use them. In all this data, one thing is one that customers like premium packaging. For them, the packaging is impactful. Products which are packed in printed cardboard boxes are more attractive rather than brown cardboard boxes. The stylish graphics and prints on the boxes make it effective for products to pack in. The customer will buy again and again from the same brands if the packaging is attractive and sustainable. No matter how many substitutes are there of the same brands. The customer will always choose those brands that have high packaging quality, lightweight, and are reusable.

In addition, eye-catching, good material labeling and memorable designs are the main components in packaging any product. Each product has a different kind of packaging. It is really important to impress customers with packaging. Innovation and creativity tell how important customers are for a brand. Which forces them to make purchases. However, to increase sales the brands also offer custom bundling to attract potential customers. In custom bundling the brands allow customers to choose their famous products together and pack them together. Which is a tactic to increase sales and saving the money of customers. Otherwise, customers are reluctant to buy expensive products at one purchase. The brands also offer printed cardboard boxes in custom bundling. Thus, in this article, we shall know how brands can make attractive packaging with good labeling. Also, how unique packaging enhances the customers’ experience.

Make your brand with memorable packaging designs

The customer does not like to spend money on those products which are packed in newspaper or plastic sheets. They want quality packaging which ensures the protection of the product. Even the customers have to spend money. They like to have packed products. The packaging is a part of the promotion. In this way, the brands can communicate with their customers. In addition, we often buy certain products looking at their packaging without looking at their prices. Even the prices changed, we constantly buy the same products. It is because the customers have tested their product and trusted their brand for multiple purchases.

However, brands can make unique designs for packaging with certain colors. The black color packaging gives luxurious look to the products. Secondly, white packaging gives the look of purity and simplicity. Thirdly, tone of blue depicts playfulness. Lastly, the tone of greens gives the sense of eco-friendly packaging. And the list goes on. The colors create a powerful impact on customer’s behavior. Printed cardboard boxes give a trendy yet professional look. The designs and colors affect product sales greatly. Although inexpensive packaging can make memorable and attractive by using of different color schemes. You have often seen that perfumes and luxury items are packed in black color packaging. So that the customers from far knows that on those shelves there are perfumes or luxury items.

Contrary, the floral perfumes of women are packed in printed packaging. Which depicts what flower fragrance is used to make those perfumes. Often, the colors and design are specifically used in product packaging to define gender. Like black and blues are for men, Pink and other light colors are for women. In shampoo packaging, we often abruptly pick pink-colored packaging shampoo. There is a lot of decision-making and marketing tools applied on the packaging of product.

How to make unique labeling for product packaging

Labeling is a key component in selling any product. The customers like to read the labeling before buying. The labeling must resemble the product inside. Otherwise, the customers will think that your product is unauthentic. However, in product packaging, labeling is important. The label attracts the customers to buy a certain product and differentiates it from others. There are so many different labels that are suitable for different products such as address labels, logo labels, packaging stickers, product labels, and call to action labels. All these labels are essential in product packaging. The brands can opt from these labels to promote their product.

In addition, customers do not purchase products that do not have labels. The customers think that these unlabeled products are unauthentic. They trust the brand for purchasing products. The reason to label your product is to introduce your product to the targeted audience. The targeted market likes to full use of their labeling. The label must be in simple language. Which is easily understandable by a layman. Similarly, in custom shipping boxes, labeling is an integral component. The loading and unloading will become easy if a label is mentioned on the shipping boxes.

How to make unique packaging from competitors

Every day the trends and fashion style of packaging change. So it’s a constant struggle to add new things to your packaging. The printed cardboard boxes have so much diversification that customers can opt for them. These boxes have unique and impressive designs and styles. However, it is sort of illogical to create entirely new packaging for your product, in order to compete with the competitors. The brands can add innovation in old packaging to distinguish their products from others.

Further, it is very difficult to make packaging from the scratch. Often, the brands introduce smart or eco-friendly packaging to differentiate their packaging. The packaging which is transparent seems more reliable to purchase. When have often observed that fresh meat products are packed in transparent packaging. Which tells the freshness of the meat. Otherwise, we feel reluctant to purchase meat in colored packaging. However, products that are easy to handle are more liked by customers. The bottles of jams and jelly are reusable. The colorful packaging impacts the sales of the product.

How to have a better customer experience with packaging

The customer appreciates those brands which meet their expectations. The customer’s review has a major impact on business sales. In marketing strategy, customer satisfaction plays an important role. The marketing strategy refers it to as “ the word-of-mouth strategy”. In this strategy, the customer likes to buy those products which reviews they heard from their family and friends. It is because people like to trust the word of others. One word of mouth can get ten customers to the brand. And this chain multiplies the customers and increases the sale.

In addition, while promoting, the brands follow a buzz-creating strategy. In this way, the brands create organic or inorganic buzz about their products. The brands respect customer’s reviews and try to update their packaging. It is because they are making products for customers. If the brands are reluctant to listen to critics, then they cannot grow and satisfy customers. In online marketing we often see pages having notifications saying 2 buyers have purchased this product. In this strategy, the brands want to convince customers by creating such notifications.


Printing packaging has given new life to the packaging industry. Nevertheless, the packaging is an old tool used to market products. It costs comparatively less than other promotional tools. Customers’ reviews, unique and creative labeling, innovative designs are some components that increase the sales of products. The products which are packed in transparent packaging look more stylish and reliable. Although to make the product more memorable with packaging, brands use the strategy of attractive marketing. Which includes printing of logo, graphics, ingredients, expiry and manufacturing date, and photography in the packaging.

Thus, customers like to purchase those products whose packaging is eco-friendly and easy to handle. Products whose packaging is difficult to handle or not handy, then customers will switch to substitute products. The custom shipping boxes must fall into the criteria mentioned in this article to secure the product.

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