Helpful Key Tips to High-Performance Website Design for your Business

Whenever any Visitors come to your website, the first thing they notice, i.e., your website loading speed, User-friendly Interface, and ease of navigation. And if you’re building your website, you need to implement some things to make your website more eye-catching and Attractive that help you grow your business.

In this article, we’ve covered some useful tips that help you design a high-performance website. After reading this article, you can implement all tips you like and see the results after Designing a high-performance website. Just keep reading this article and keep in mind these tips when you’re building your website.

So, Without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

Here are some amazing tips we’ve listed below:

#1 Have A Plan

Before implementing, you should have a plan first to help you do the work in a good sequence and more efficiently. Observe and research the consumer behavior of your niche very well and make the plan accordingly. Have all the strategies in your hands and thoroughly research what consumers view, what content they read, and what can be the best no brainer offers that they won’t be able to resist. If you seriously go in this way, you will end up having a website that will be less than a powerful funnel. To make the web design even more effective, you can also interview your potential customers and gather all the dos and don’ts, likes and dislikes.

Among all the effective strategies, implement the best ones in your design, and this will eventually lead to increasing the effectiveness of your website. The most significant benefit of this trick is that it will put in the web design’s emotions, thoughts, goals, pain points, and touchpoints.

All these benefits that you will get after some time will only be because of the pre-planning that you will do today.

#2 Add Social Proof

Each visitor gets affected by the reviews and testimonials they see on your website. Most people purchase 5-star reviews only. And this also helps other people to understand whether the product is beneficial for them or not.

According to the customer’s point of view, they get more trust in the providers or sellers, who have more genuine social proof, and it is one of the biggest reasons providers get close to the prospects.

You can also take it from the scientific perspective because it is even a fact that 58% of the customers make the purchases for the one who has more genuine or authentic social proof.

If we give you some personal advice, try to collect the video testimonials first because they are way more effective than any other format. These are more efficient because people heat the authentic voices, see the real faces, etc., which boosts credibility.

#3 Add CTAs (Call To Actions)

Add as many eye-catching Call To Actions (CTAs) as possible, mainly in the right direction. Because people are very lazy, you have to keep all the processes away more quickly and guide them to the last step if you seriously want a conversion.

Do the research and then decide the position of your CTAs so that you get a significant boost in the conversion rate. Make all these CTAs ways more eye-catching and use loud color combinations such as red, green, white, black and yellow, etc. All these methods will make customers click the CTAs. And you can generate the desired output from your website.

#4 Mobile Responsive

The majority of people use their mobile phones to visit any website or to purchase anything. If your website is not mobile responsive, then it’s a problem, or you can say an obstacle in the path of your conversion rate.

Moreover, Google is brilliant. Just imagine, if any potential customer visits your website with the help of the mobile phone but doesn’t find your website mobile responsive, they will surely go to your competitor, no matter how good your products or services are. If your website cannot deal with such things, Google will snatch your rankings and the organic growth you could have.

#5 Site Speed

Everyone knows and believes that how much impact a website speed makes on the user mindset. From the bounce rate of a customer to the complete satisfaction till the conversion, site speed is one of the significant factors that can not be neglected.

Low site speed can be one of the biggest turnoffs, so work on it to the extent possible. Suppose your website has a good loading speed. In that case, it will support you in doing the SEO of your site. You will eventually get higher rankings because Google considers only those websites with the increased loading speed and user-friendly interfaces.

#6 Fold Still Matters

There has always been a debate for a long time that after the advent of the multitude of screen sizes, no one cares about the folds. But is it so? Let’s go through some facts.

The research took place in the past 2018, showing that around 57% of the time has been spent on the website by most of the users. And in fact, 74% of the time was spent on the two first screenfuls of the website.

This has cleared up more things that fold matter whether you believe it or not. But this was not the main question, and the real question is – “How Will You Hook, The Users In this Two Screenful To Sustain The Visitor.”

#7 Keep It Short And Simple

One of the most prominent research of Google has proven that the more complex data you have on your website, the fewer visitors get your message. So believe in making and designing things short and straightforward.

This whole idea means that you should not go miles away to make your design better and better. All these extra miles will lead you to the downfall, so keep it short and straightforward.

#8 Prioritize Scrolling Over Clicking

This looks easy, but it is way more effective. Instead of putting the things behind the buttons, arrange them on a long page. You might have thought about who will read these long pages but believe me, it works.

If you want to know all the factual details, then you can go through the case study of “Crazy Egg,” he redesigned a standard page and turned that into a 20X longer one and then did the A/B testing of both; surprisingly, he got 30% more conversion than the normal one.

This incident has proven that people find scrolling easier than clicking. And you can observe from Instagram how much people like scrolling.

#9 Use People In Pictures

It is normal human psychology and tendency to connect more with other humans in both day-to-day and virtual life. So use the photos of other people on your site, and it will make a huge difference.

There was even a case study by Basecamp, and they got an uplift of around 102.5 % in their conversion rate by making some minor changes in the landing; they just changed some written text by the large and eye-catching photos.

#10 Don’t Squander User’s Patience

If your website offers any product or service, try to keep the requirements as low as possible. Because the fewer requirements will be there on your site, the more visitors will start using your product or service.

Most of the time, prospects change their mind because the website requires higher feeding information. All highly successful websites or applications seriously follow this rule. For example, to access whatsapp, you have to feed your mobile number, and then boom, it is directly working. So make your requirements as precise as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- How do I make a high-performance website?

It is very easy to make a high-performance website by keeping everything in mind that is taught in this article. High-performance websites have many things such as time-saving format, effective pictures, graphics, clear intended talks, etc.

Q- What are your best tips for designing a website?

The best tips to make your web design highly effective are as follows:

  1. Have A Plan
  2. Add Social Proofs
  3. Add CTAs (Call To Actions)
  4. Mobile Responsive
  5. Site Speed
  6. Fold Still Matters
  7. Keep It Short And Simple
  8. Prioritize Scrolling Over Clicking
  9. Use People In Pictures
  10. Don’t Squander User’s Patience

Q- How a successful site should be?

Your website will be considered successful if your websites have clear intentions, if your website user interface is easy to use, if your design is practical and eye-catching. You have to impress them with your plans and protect them from distractions by keeping things short and straightforward.

Final Verdict

Finally, we’ve discussed top useful tips to design a high-performance website. Having these features are a must-have in today’s world, and you need to design a website based on these factors. We hope after reading this article you’ve so many tips in your mind to build a beautiful and high-performance website. Now it’s your turn to implement these tips in your website and make it more attractive and Powerful.

Title: Useful Key Tips to High-Performance Website Design for your Business

Author Bio: Jignesh Vaghasiya is the CEO at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a mobile app development company in Atlanta ( That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.

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