How to Clean Curtains at Home

A curtain is the beauty of a home. Curtain is used for interior design. A curtain can be used to keep a room temperature cold or warm. A curtain can safeguard your privacy. A curtain can prevent your home or room from outside noise, stains, dust and bad smells. It can also prevent insects from entering your room. There are numerous uses of curtain one can imagine only.

A curtain can make you feel comfortable, calm, positive, creative, and fill the empty spaces in a room with decoration. It gives an increase in aesthetic feel to your room. Your choice of curtain can make you feel proud in friends, guests, and relatives circles.

Now, your most beautiful and maybe expensive curtain one day or another day will get dust, stains, and allergens. Then there you will face the stage cleaning. And it’s important to clean your curtain on time otherwise your room will look dull and no one wants it.

Here, we will explore in detail some best curtain cleaning techniques at home.

Before, starting to clean your curtains keep in mind these instructions. Different types of curtains are made of different materials such as fabrics or velvet, and they need a different kind of treatment. Read the instructions of both curtain and washing material because this will help you with the precautions.

Velvet Curtains

Different kinds of velvet curtains are available in the market. Some velvet curtains are made for machine washing and others are for dry cleaning. For example, lined velvet curtains accept only dry-cleaning.

Test unlined velvet curtains have a quality of colourfast when washing try one panel at a time with a delicate cycle using cold water using half of the detergent.

When washing damp velvet curtains, be sensitive so you don’t crush the fabric. Don’t dry or hang them on a line. But the best way is to lay them flat on a cotton sheet.

Shell Curtains or Acrylic Bead

These curtains are easily tangled. Hang a bedsheet behind them and fasten it to the rod with a clothespin. Now, cover your floor with a towel. For washing, 2 cups of warm water mixing with 2-3 drops of detergent. When the solution is ready then spray from top to bottom.

Wipe the Shell or Acrylic Bead with a soft swab and lightly rub the heavy soil areas. Now, take out your bedsheet and let Bead curtains air dry.

Lace Curtains

It is best to hand wash lace curtains filled with cold water and one teaspoon of dish detergent, due to their lightweight fabrics. Moreover, shake them outside to dislodge and pet hair.

Garment Fabric Curtains

Remove all hardware and then take it outdoor and shake them well. Wash them two panels of curtains at a time on a delicate cycle using the cold water. After washing, dry them in a low-heat setting.

Wash your Curtains in Cold Water

Anticipate your clothes washer to the “sensitive” setting, utilizing the most reduced warmth setting conceivable and gentle cleanser. Besides, keep the clothing load little, maybe washing the drapes alone, with nothing else in the blend.

Brush away tiny Fibres

Particular sorts of blind can draw in residue and texture strands — generally alluded to as build-up — which can adhere to the material in any event, during vacuuming. If you notice that your vacuum cleaner hasn’t eliminated all the build-up, utilize a build-up roller or brush. To guarantee you find everything, have somebody pull the shades outwards and level for you.


A decent steam cleaner ought to have the option to eliminate the most undesirable smells from drapes. Notwithstanding, if any remains, you may have to make a couple of additional strides. For example, an upholstery deodoriser in a splash structure is great for making draperies smell new and clean. To keep the encompassing regions new, spot a bowl of preparing powder and your #1 fundamental oil on the windowsill.

Polyester Curtains

Just like lined curtains Polyester curtains should also need dry cleaning only. If your polyester curtains are expensive then wait a minute. Don’t wash or dry them, it would be better to clean them from some dry clean professional.

Maintenance Keeps Curtains Fresh and Alive

Every curtain and environment has its requirements. For instance, homes near seashores curtains need weekly cleaning attention and in some rural areas then there maybe you need curtain cleaning in a month or after every three months.

Keeping neat and clean your curtains on time will increase your curtains lifelong, fresher, and free from allergens, dust, grimes, and stains.

Dry Your Curtains in Two Parts

When your draperies have been washed, we suggest running them in the dryer—once more, expecting the mark didn’t accommodate other, explicit guidelines—on low warmth for a couple of moments to get any abundance dribbles out. Then, at that point, shake them out and drape them to dry. Air-drying will assist with keeping the window ornaments from contracting.

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