Stylish Mobile Covers for iPhone you can buy in Pakistan

Do you even imagine using your latest iPhone mobile without a screen protector and back cover? Honestly, I cannot even imagine it. All iPhone fans know that the Apple brand is all about exclusiveness, so they must add the durable and protective iPhone cover to their expensive phone. However, there is an immense range of iPhone case out there, and choosing the protective and stylish mobile cover for iPhone can be difficult. Thus, we enlist here some popular types and some trendy mobile cover designs for girls and boys. It will help you choose the best one that won’t diminish the grace of your mobile phone.

Types of available iPhone covers:

  • Protective iPhone Case: The prime reason for buying an iPhone cover is for screen and case protection. Thus, heavy-duty mobile covers have a design to prevent dents on corners or chips on the side. It is an ultimate category for the seekers of best iPhone 12 covers, iPhone 13 pro covers, iPhone 13 pro max cover, and other latest models. You will find rugged cases, bumper cases, armor cases, and hybrid cases in this category.
  • Silicone iPhone covers: Transparent Silicone cases are a classic case that provides decent protection without taking away the beauty of your phone. Gold electroplated covers also fall under the flag of silicone cover, and they are available for almost all the latest models of iPhones.
  • PU Leather Case: The vintage look and texture of leather make it a decent choice for a slim and sleek phone. Therefore, many Apple users prefer it for their phones.
  • Flip case: Flip case for mobile phones comes with an inside wallet, so it is super handy to hold a phone and money without any bulginess.
  • Belt Holster case: If you are not a traveler, you should buy a belt holster case for your phone. It keeps your expensive phone secured to your belongings.
  • Slim profile case: It is the most minimal case that is extremely lightweight and eminently grip-able. Thus, if you do not want to affect your iPhone grace, consider buying a slim-fit case for decent protection with sleekness.

Stylish mobile back covers for iPhone:

  • Picture case or Collage case: It looks beautiful to keep the memorable photos on the back cover. The same idea has applied to customized Picture cases, in which you will get transparent silicone covers with some customized mini pictures. You can showcase those pictures with stickers on the phone case. Many online sites provide Collage printed iPhone cover online in Pakistan.
  • Louis Vuitton Eye Trunk Case: Nowadays, the Louis Vuitton Eye Trunk Case is trending as the best iPhone 12 cover. It has a luxurious designer style that makes your expensive mobile look more deluxe and stylish.
  • Cartoon sticker phone case: Similar to Picture mobile cases, cartoon sticker cases are also in trend. The transparent silicone cover for iPhones comes with mini stickers of signs, quote, cartoons, etc. You can display any of your favorites on your phone by placing them on the back cover.
  • Marble textured case: Luxurious stone texture with glitter gradient makes these covers stylish and classy at the same time. You will find various designs and colors in marble gradients from the online marketplace. This design is trending as iPhone 11 covers, iPhone 12 cover, and iPhone X cover.
  • Fluffy furry case: If you search for a cute mobile cover for girls, you will find a long list of soft plush phone cases and covers. It makes the phone feel fluffy, comfy, and super cozy in touch. Some feathery cases with cute rabbit ears make it look more adorable. It is the best pick as best iPhone 6 covers, iPhone 7 Plus back covers, and iPhone 8 covers.
  • Fashion glitter case: Girls who like fancy mobile covers for iPhone should pick the classic glitter cases. These cases have a transparent base with flowing glitters that flow within the back case on moving the phone. Some glitter cases also have embedded ornaments such as shells, gemstones, pearls, tassels, etc. These cases offer decent protection with an extra pinch of beauty to your expensive iPhone.
  • Mirror iPhone case: Mirror phone case for iPhone is gaining popularity among girls who like decent phone covers for iPhone 13, iPhone 12, or iPhone 11. It has a clear mirror on the back with black, white, or rose-gold edges. It allows the girls to do the touch-up anywhere by seeing themselves in the clear mirror on the back of their phone. It looks classy, elegant, and stylish at the same time.
  • Pressed flower case: Girls who like floral aesthetics love this new design of iPhone covers, in which beautiful flowers are pressed and pasted on the mobile back cover. The pressed flowers in resin give the 3D flower look that enhances the overall beauty of your phone. The original color of your phone and the logo will not hide under the back cover to let you flaunt your latest iPhone with the floral touch.
  • Customized iPhone case: You can also custom your mobile cover for iPhone 11, 11pro max, 12, 12 pro, 12pro max, and more. On your personalized case design, you can imprint your favorite picture, an inspirational quote, custom name, cartoon character, any Pinterest picture, etc. Thus, it can be the perfect present for your loved one who loves customized things.

There is a lot more varied range of iPhone covers available online, but these are few trending designs that you should opt for your latest iPhone. The slew of options also includes solid color cases, rainbow cover, wooden back cover, fabric case, metallic case, and more. You can find all of them at a reliable place for iPhone accessories. So, why are you delaying? Find your favorite iPhone cover that can enhance the grace of your phone while adding an extra level of protection. We recommend you choose the heavy-duty and lightweight case that does not make your phone bulgy while providing an extra layer of protection to your phone.

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