Visual VS Text Content: Which One Is More Efficient?

As you may know, Marketing plays a huge role in our everyday life. Wherever we go, for instance, different shops, markets, or entering Social Media we deal with Marketing Strategies, various ads, and products. Sometimes the specialists prefer to choose visual content. While others select text content. In this article, we are going to discuss the issue: Visual VS Text Content: Which one is more efficient?

Human Behaviour

At this point, we should pay attention to human behavior. Do the people like scrolling down the page or they like reading on Social Media? This is an individual choice. Sometimes people are curious about an attractive visual video, image, or banner. Sometimes they want to read text content to know more about the product presented. 

It is better to combine the text content with visuals, if possible. This will be both informative and attractive for those who like to watch an image and read a quick text.

Visual content is much more perceivable than text or audio content. They are fast and easy to remember. That is why the majority of marketers and designers tend to promote their products via visual content that includes both images and videos.

Visual Content Types

In order to create good visual content, you need to know its various types:

  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Videos 
  • Slide Shows

All these types are highly effective both for websites and for Social Media. The human may perceive these visuals both cognitively and emotionally. If someone with high knowledge and education may read and learn something from your written visual, the other one with a lower literacy level may understand and most benefit from an image, video, etc. And their combination is so far the most effective way to communicate with your audience. Moreover, video content is much more important. As it gives an opportunity to watch and learn easily without losing a textual aspect and information.

How To Make Visuals Work Better?

You may encounter some factors worth taking  into account if you want your visual work better. Here there are:

  • Placement- your visual should be applicable in the location that you choose to publish it. As in the right placement, you will get a targeted and right audience for your post.
  • Textual content- this is so far very important. Even if you insert a textual part in your visual, you need to add some description to your post. 
  • Use clear visuals- this refers to the various parts of the visuals. Its purpose should be understandable at the first glance.

Who Can Provide You With High-Quality Visuals?

If you like to have a good and professional result then it is high time you trusted your website design to an experienced specialist. Each of the aspects of Visual and Textual content can be covered by separate specialists whom you may find in the agencies. Agencies combine video makers, editors, graphic designers, content writers, SEO specialists who will make your content work undoubtedly well.

In this case, WPGlob Content Marketing Agency is highly recommended. They cover all the types of content including content writing and its visualization, video tutorial and reviews, even audio-voice content with English native speakers. 

Wrapping up

So, the main purpose of our article was to compare the visual and textual content and decide which one is more beneficial. Yet, by discussing and thinking of these two types we have already realized that each of them is very significant in your Marketing campaign. And their combination is your ideal choice.

Besides, writing or creating a good visual with a description you need to find an appropriate placement for it. Because if you publish, for instance, a programming post on the medicinal platform that will have a 0 effectiveness. 

Moreover, you need to optimize your website speed and build a mobile-friendly one. As not all the members of your audience will use a PC. Some may definitely use gadgets. And the optimized website speed is a must. Because the user can be irritated due to the slowly uploaded images and other visuals. 

As you may see, in Content Marketing all the factors are too important. And behind the high result stands a big group of specialists.

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