What is cross-contour drawing?

Travel lines are drawn in the form of diagonal contour lines, as in the name. Diagonal contours can be horizontal or vertical, on the right side of the pattern, or both. Often in more complex shapes, the diagonal contour will be drawing at different angles. In this strange example, the transparency of the diagonal contours looks a bit like a gridline in one place or a black hole diagram in space.

Cut contours on a complex surface.

Often the diagonal contours look like contour lines on a rough area map – they help to see the topography of a surface. Usually, we don’t draw them mechanically, but we understand diagonal contours to help describe a finer line or shadow shape. They help us understand a three-dimensional form and describe it on a two-dimensional surface. The contours are filled around the shape and correspond to the linear perspective.

To apply cut contours when drawing a line.

In this example, basic contour images are prepared with some direct contour hints to suggest shape.

Cross-Contours Expressively used

Unless you draw a topographic map, there is no need for the cut contours to be non-mechanical. You can use your understanding of diagonal contours to create expressive signs that add energy to the line. Using contours and diagonal contours, this interpretation still focuses on the form of observation, using a freer and more expressive, comfortable line.

Using Diagonal Contours in Hatching and Shading

Diagonal contours are often used when hatching. Diagonal contour lines can be moved around this shape or can be used curved or straight in small sections, as in this example. The angle of the asterisk varies from the perspective as it moves around the shape.

If you use it to create and correct a smooth surface, being aware of line conflicts can help you create a shaded surface that further enhances and performs a three-dimensional shape.

Learn how to draw flowers in crayons

The delicate shape of the petals, the subtle differences between color and shade, and the simple sophistication make it a perfect theme.

This lesson will go through the steps needed to draw a flower using a colored pencil. The tutorial is easy to follow and starts with all the right materials and a beautiful flower.

Materials you need

A good bunch of colored pencils will help you achieve different shades of a flower. 24 Prismacolor The standard set of premium colored pencils is a good choice for beginners, although you can use the pencils of your choice.

An eraser and pen cutter should also be by hand. It can also be useful for a colorless mixing pen. This helps to smooth out your shadow, and you can add a soft look to the petals.

The proper texture will also help, so consider something like white Stonehenge paper or a good Bristol board.

Choose a flower for reference.

A good topic is important. If you have a flower garden, you can sit in a public garden, buy a fresh flower, and then draw from life. Your work will have a more internal “life” and a more convincing three-dimensional appearance.

If you want to take a photo, make sure it is in a public domain that you can use legally.

For example, the photo used was given by Tiffany Holmes at the stock exchange. It was chosen because it is a beautiful open flower and still not sharp, very dense. The picture itself is obvious, and the simple wrapped composition is very pleasing.

Create a Gray Tinted Flower Price Reference

It can be hard to see values ​​in a subject with a strong color like a flower. To give you a better idea of ​​tonal mapping, you can take a picture in a paint program. It eliminates color and can be seen in silverware, which is, in fact, all of these tones. You can add a sepia filter for a warm, neutral look.

When taking a picture, create several versions and use them all as a reference. The original will give you ideas for color and shade; gray toning is good for tones and can help with lighting that corrects brightness and contrast. All this is used to create a three-dimensional mental image to attract.

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