What is the best time to visit Europe?

visit Europe

Planning to book direct flights to Poland from USA or a trip to another destination in visit Europe? Well, Europe is a beautiful destination and thus it is always on the top of travel bugs’ radars. Although Europe is beautiful throughout the year, sometimes the continent looks more magnificent than ever.

A year-round travel destination, Europe is an always pleasant visiting destination. But the best time to visit Europe depends totally upon the weather you enjoy the best. The two of the best periods to visit Europe are June to September and December to February.

If summer is your favorite season, then a trip between June to September would be a perfect European endeavor for you.

Summers are the best time to spend time at European beaches and get a great suntan. The months of June to August are the perfect time to grab enough sunlight and spend some sunny holidays. This is the time of year when Europe hosts many international festivals, events and concerts that you can become a part of. Along with this, European summers are the best time for exploring the gorgeous hiking trails spread across the continent.

Take road trips across the remote European regions or spend your time in other adventurous activities. Europe offers a variety of climates during summers while most of its region offers you a mild heat, the others offer a harder one. The low heat on the European subcontinent is because of the winds that blow over the continent through the Atlantic Ocean.

At last, European weather remains pleasant throughout the summer and the heat is milder than that of the Asian subcontinent. But the winters aren’t also an exception to it, as European winters attract tens of thousands of tourists every year. However, it is important to decide your favorite weather before booking a flight from USA to London.

Summers in visit Europe (June to August)

The most popular time to visit the European subcontinent, summers in Europe are famous among travelers. France, Germany, London, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, and Italy receive the most number of tourists during this time of the year. If you are a music lover or in love with a music band, then the summers are the best time for you to visit Europe. Because during summers, Europe holds the biggest music festivals. These music festivals gather both international artists and international attention.

The average temperature of Western Europe during summers stays between 14 to 24 degrees Celsius. While the average temperature of Eastern Europe during summers stays between 14 to 25 degrees Celsius. And the temperature of Southern Europe and Northern Europe stands between 17-30 and 13-22 degrees Celsius. Making the weather and temperature ideal to explore the different parts of Europe.

As this is the peak traveling season of Europe, keep your expectations game on with extremely crowded places and high costs. If you are a budgeted traveler then avoiding a trip during this time would be the best idea. Also, if you are a person that loves a peaceful environment and fewer people around on your outdoor activities, then this isn’t the time to visit Europe for you.

Most of the European popular traveling destinations, especially Paris, London, and Italy, are filled with tourists during summers. Want to travel to Europe during summers only? Well, then you can travel to remote destinations to avoid crowds and enjoy some calm and peace.

Autumn in visit Europe Destinations (September to November)

An extremely travel-friendly season, Autumn is the perfect time to visit Europe for a less crowded and less costly holiday. If you are not a fan of summers but also want to avoid extreme cold, then Autumn would provide you the best weather to enjoy a European endeavor. The weather from September to November is pleasant enough to travel to Europe. However, rains are very frequent during this season and if you aren’t a fan, you must reconsider your choices. Also, don’t forget to carry a folding umbrella and waterproof shoes and jacket to prevent rain from becoming a hurdle on your trip.

With the start of September, the peak traveling season in Europe starts coming to an end. And the tourist folks’ numbers diminish and a very few of them stay till the end of September. The airplane booking prices, along with hotel booking prices, decline with the decrease in demand. And the price hikes that were caused due to season change becoming normal.

A perfect time to indulge yourself in European adventures, such as hiking up the Alps. Autumn provides some of the best opportunities for European tourists, making it a good time to visit Europe.

Winters in the European subcontinent (December to February)

Here comes the off-peak season for most of the European destinations. With a temperature decrease up to -10 degrees Celsius at some places, Europe becomes freezing cold during winters. Sudden snowfalls and streets jammed from snow are common appearances while be prepared to spend most of the time tucked inside your accommodation.

If you are a person who loves to stay indoors and wants to travel Europe to witness its winters, then this is the idle time for you to pay a visit. Because of the off-season, the airplane prices along with the hotel prices touch the lowest during this time of the year. Tourists are hard to find and the most popular destinations are Poland and Russia.

But Christmas in Europe is always a beautiful scenery to watch and a feeling to behold. The streets stay busy as the continent prepares for the biggest festivals of the year. The beautiful local markets are all stuffed with chocolates, candies, and lights of every color. Giant well-lit-up Christmas trees are common sights at city centers and the entire continent seems to giggle.

If you are a skiing lover or share a love for ice sports, including Ice skating, then the European Alps are waiting for you. Covered with a thick layer of snow, the Alps behold many popular Skiing resorts that get open during this time of the year.

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