What Should Be in a Makeup Kit?

There are hundreds of cosmetic products in the market. From designer perfumes to cheap lipsticks, the choices are plenty.

Having a makeup kit is a must whether you are a pro or just a beginner. It helps to keep your makeup organised and sanitised. Here are some of the essentials in a makeup kit.

A moisturiser

Makeup always sits better when you have a hydrating and moisturised face. It prevents your makeup from clumping up in your dry areas.

Use a moisturiser that suits your skin to give you a flawless makeup look.

A face primer

You can debate all you want, but you NEED a primer. It soothes any imperfections, making the pores less visible.

Some primers give an extra radiance to the skin or even sun protection.

Make sure you use primer a few minutes before starting with your makeup. This will give time to soak up the product.

A foundation

This is one of the most important face products in your makeup routine. This forms the base for the rest of your makeup.

For yourself, one or two foundations are enough. However, you plan on using this kit on other people, you need a palette of foundations with different shades.


Concealers are a lifesaver.

You can start with the one that is a shade lighter than your foundation.

Concealer hides all the problem areas and brightens up the undereye. Some people who suffer from dark circles tend to have two shades of concealers.

Loose powder

Loose powder helps to set your concealer and foundation in place. For oily skin they are a great barrier for creases and lines.

They make your skin smoother, making it easier for makeup to apply.

Blush & Bronzer

A little dash of blush really goes a long way. There are a variety of formulas you can choose from—cream, powder, or gel.

Make sure the blush compliments your skin and works well with your naturally flushed face.

Just like blush, bronzers are a great way to accentuate your face dimension. Pick a shade darker than your natural tone, and it will give you a beautiful sun-kissed look.


Makeup doesn’t have to be blinding and very expensive. There are cheap Barry M makeup products that can completely transform your face when applied correctly.

Depending on your skin type, choose a formula that works best. Apply a little highlight on the high points of your face. It gives a natural glow and is very easy to apply.

An eyeshadow palette

While there is nothing wrong with solo shades, but a palette goes a long way.

Choose a palette that has a good mix of everyday colours and some experimental ones for special occasions.

Eyeliner and mascara

Eyeliners are not only quick to use, but they can transform the face easily.

You can create a whole lot of looks with a single eyeliner—smoky eye, cat eye, rimmed eye, etc.

As for mascaras, we think they are indispensable.

They come in a variation of formulas, from long-lasting to volumizing. Black mascara works the best and if you are new to makeup, start with that.

Brow kit

Groomed brows look very polished. It helps to accentuate the shape of your face.

Keep a mini brow kit with your makeup kit. Some brow pencil and a comb will do. Make sure you choose a shade lighter than your hair colour. It looks more natural.


We are all acquainted with the importance of lipsticks.

They add a splash of colour to your face, making it brighter and more lively.

Keep a few nude shades along with a few bolder colours. Matte lipsticks give a beautiful natural finish. In contrast, liquid lipsticks give you a fuller, poutier lip.


A makeup kit without perfume is really incomplete.

They seal the deal. You don’t need branded, expensive designer perfumes. They are lots of mesmerising cheap perfumes in available in the website like FCP.

Apply a few spritzes of it on your pulse points (neck, wrist) and see the magic!

There you go. With these products, you will have the essentials with your all the time. Make sure to clear out any expired products once every few months.

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