Why Choose Magento for eCommerce Website Development?

With the continuously rising numbers of online shoppers all across the world, all businesses should look forward to having their own online stores. This should be done to sell their products and services properly. 

There are also several outstanding eCommerce webs development solutions such as Magento, Shopify, Woo-commerce, and more. They can all ease the task of building a user-friendly eCommerce website.

Magento is a great eCommerce platform. It has been created as open space technology. It also offers a variety of different features such as shopping cart systems, controlling content and also functionalities, catalog management, along with many others. Nike and many other online retailers are using Magento.

Magento is a complete solution in order to build an eCommerce website that reflects the brands and the products. A Magento eCommerce development company such as CMARIX is capable of creating a great online store by utilizing an array of features such as the Magento debugger. 

Get Magento cloud development from the great organization in Germany, CMARIX.

Let us discuss why Magento would be a top choice for eCommerce websites.

  • Affordable Website Development

Well, let us just begin by saying that affordability is a very important factor to consider when choosing an eCommerce development platform. Suppose you are indeed looking for a really quick and economical eCommerce solution.

Magento could be a great option in this scenario. Magento website development is highly reasonable when it comes to costs. Cloud hosting probably also lowers the entire cost of maintenance. Then, monitoring and hosting are also great options.

You could definitely host an eCommerce solution. The cost is extremely dependent on the number of features you require, your location, and the Magento version that you have willfully chosen.

There is the average cost for a Magento website begins at $2000.

  • Multiple Website Management

Utilizing a multiple store option on an eCommerce website is a great idea. Suppose you wish to apply for a comprehensive multiple store strategy on the online store. Then, Magento could be the best choice.

Magento is extremely preferred by several online businesses for a multiple store strategy. The multiple store strategy allows you always to create and manage the online shops from a single dashboard.

This is an extremely quick method to add the products to multiple stores. This functionality is time-saving and also makes website development solutions much easier.

  • Magento Communities

Magento has a great community of dedicated developers. Apart from the developers, there are the programmers, bloggers, project managers, etc. If the developers are facing any issues, they can all reach out to the community members.

There are also more than three lac, sixty thousand forum members who are associated with the community. They are all well equipped in providing the proper guidelines and the fixes for a particular issue.

The Magento community regularly updates the users regarding the trends and the latest tech.

  • Open-Source Platform

Magento is completely free. It is also open-source unlike one of the topmost competitors, Shopify, where you are required to pay. This particular platform allows online retailers to properly customize the websites aligned with the business preferences.

Suppose you hire a Magento development agency, the Magento experts can develop and also promote your Magento online store with the assistance of the Magento modules. You can also install or develop the Magento modules on the online store.

The developer can also add newer features for an impressive look and feel.

  • Excellent Performance

Magento is a clear winner when it comes to reducing page load times. Again, there is also query processing and other static operations. It also ensures the high performance of the eCommerce website.

Magento is also preferred for the thousands of extensions that can be utilized very well for the customization processes. You can also easily make your eCommerce website stand out by adding new customizations.

  • Payment Options

There is the entire incorporation of the popular payment methods on the eCommerce websites. The payment methods are actually a must consideration in order to ease the portion of the customers.

Magento supports almost all the popular payment methods such as PayPal, Authorize.net, Google checkout, Amazon payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery, and other methods. If possible, you should always provide the users a variety of payment options on the online stores.

Your customers can also make online platforms payments therefore without any hassles.

  • SEO Friendly Platform

Magento is an SEO-friendly platform that provides you a great advantage over other eCommerce solutions. The platform is also hugely packed up with loaded features. The features are the SEO-friendly URL structure, the sitemaps, the positioning layers, the URL requirements, the descriptions, etc. 

Additionally, there is the integration of the SEO plugins and the extensions can also help the website be more friendly and easily crawlable. The crawling becomes easy by the Google bots, for better search engine results and page positionings.

  • Mobile Experiences

Around sixty percent of online buyers utilize mobile devices in order to place requirements. Therefore, you are required to develop an online store. The online store also needs o to be compatible with smartphones.

Fortunately, Magento supports html5 in order to enhance the overall shopping experience on mobile devices and also help adjust the image size and the supports video. In very simple words, Magento can really be the best choice for developing an exceptional mobile shopping performance.

  • Third-Party Integration 

With Magento’s development platform, it is far easier in order to integrate a large number of third-party services on the eCommerce websites. All of this also involves including the payment gateways, the database apps, the transportation, the shipping, the order tracking, etc.

Additionally, the platform offers built-in google tools such as google analytics, Google checkout, and Google base. All of that helps you to keep a nice tab on the performance of the website.


If you buy Magento enterprise edition, you shall receive a range of features such as segmentation with the nicely targeted efforts, return the entire management authorizations, prices and promotions, the highly improved catalog management, a customizable CMS, and many more.

In the case of an already established business, you need to focus on the Magento enterprise edition, you can hire Magento developers to create a scalable online store with features and even functionalities of your choice. Get in touch with the great Software Development Company Germany, CMARIX.

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