Workout Routine – Figuring Out the Right One for

In today’s world, there are various different workouts present. Most of which you can even do at home if need be. While you can follow one specific type of workout session, you can even mix it up a bit in order to create a schedule that works best for you and your body. In order to do this however, it will require you to test and try a couple of things until you find a rhythm which provides you with positive results both physically as well as mentally.

A good workout routine should provide you with proper balance, strength, flexibility and focus on your core. FITT is a method used in order to help you find your perfect rhythm. FIIT stands for frequency, intensity, time and type. Once you find the spot amongst these four factors, you’ve got yourself a right workout routine. Here are some of the different types of workouts you could choose from.


Pilates is known to focus on your core muscles such as your pelvic muscles, abdominal as well as lower back. Doing Pilates helps you improve flexibility, stability as well as build a proper posture if you’re in Byron bay Pilates classes are easy to find.


Yoga is a very spiritual form of exercising and is often connected to several eastern religions. Yoga focuses on deep breathing and meditation while also strengthening muscles, providing mobility to joints and stretching ligaments.

Spin Class

Also called as Spinning, spin classes are a form of indoor cycling. It is a form of deep and heavy cardio workout that helps a great deal with certain health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. Although indoors, performing this exercise gets you sweating and your heart racing.


Zumba work outs are often considered fun to attend and do due to the party like atmosphere in which the workout is often conducted. Zumba is a form of exercising that involves dance steps and techniques. Zumba is known to help improve your muscle strength and respiratory fitness.


There are various different types of aerobics available to choose from. Zumba, mentioned above, is one such type that falls under high intensity and intervals aerobics. The other two types are steady state and low and moderate intensity. This allows you to choose the kind that suits your weight of workout.


When doing a sport, you personally enjoy and excel at, you’re automatically getting a good workout session that’s often hardcore. Sports are a great way to stay physically active while motivating you to push your limits. Team sports are all the more fun due to the team spirit and social fun present in it.

Mobility Training

To end it all off and top it up, mobility training is a good way to help release your tight muscles after a heavy workout session. Certain mobility movements can help release deep tissues and trigger certain points.

These are just some out of the many options you can choose from!

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