We all put so much effort into perfecting our cosmetics and wardrobe looks that we frequently overlook giving our LONG HAIR hairstyles the finishing touch. A hairstyle can enhance or detract from your overall appearance. 

A beautiful hairstyle can enhance your appearance, while a bad hairstyle can completely detract from your overall appeal.

If you frequently experience bad hair days, this is even more crucial to take care of. It’s especially important now that Diwali is approaching to embrace our most beautiful selves. 

Everything should be in order from head to toe. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 8 hairstyles to help you appear effortlessly chic at your Diwali party!! Continue reading to learn the 10 hairstyles that you can achieve with your long hair. 

A Gorgeous Side-Braid Hairstyle 

Don’t you feel like sometimes there’s not enough time when it comes to perfecting a hairstyle? Well, what if there is a gorgeous hairstyle that doesn’t take long to achieve? 

This side-braided hairstyle exudes elegance, and you will be able to get your hair done in no time. The final result is stunning and exemplifies your amazing sense of style.

This side-braid hairstyle is always on-trend and goes with a variety of traditional outfits. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, create a fishtail braid and then progressively secure the ends with a clear hair tie. 

Fishtail braids look great with Indian traditional attire. It also keeps loose locks in place and prevents your hair from looking unkempt. With such fashionable hairstyles, you can fully enjoy Diwali.

Add a unique touch with traditional hair jhumki. Don’t forget to use an anti-frizz spray to set your hairstyle. Your flyways will also be tamed as a result of this.

Elegantly Braided Bun  

You have probably seen Deepika Padukone, our favorite dimpled beauty, rocking this hairstyle. The simplicity of this elegantly braided bun makes a significant difference in your appearance.

Elevate your Diwali look by leaving a few loose strands to frame your face. If you keep your makeup simple for this look, use big jewelry like chandabali or jhumkas to balance it out.

Alia-Inspired Side-Swept Hairstyle

If you are a fan of our Bollywood divas, you will notice that Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Priyanka Chopra frequently sport this side-swept hairstyle. After all, why not? 

They are endowed with lustrous, thick locks. This hairstyle is also incredibly simple to do and allows you to keep your hair open. To get this style, all you need are bobby pins and hair spray. 

The side-swept hairstyle goes well with both traditional and modern outfits.

It can be done on both short and long layered hairwhich is the biggest part. Upgrade your hair game this Diwali with this beautiful hairstyle, and pair it up with dewy makeup and red lipstick. 

Beautiful Beach Waves Hairstyle 

Beach waves hairstyle is another look that never goes out of style and looks gorgeous whether you wear western outfits or traditional attire for Diwali. 

Since traditional attires have many beautiful designs and gorgeous colors, the beach waves hairstyle will bring your ensemble together! 

The beach waves hairstyle is stunning, and you can achieve this look with your medium layered hair or wear clip-in extensions to add instant length and volume.

Use a curling iron to create gorgeous beach wavy textures throughout your hair and finish the look with hairspray. 

Voluminous And Textured Bun With Gajra 

If you love buns and want more of a traditional look for Diwali, then you need to try this beautifully voluminous and textured bun with gajra. 

This voluminous and textured bun hairstyle with gajra enhances your Diwali look. Go the extra mile and add an accessory or two and become the center of attention. 

With this specific hairstyle, you have many clothing options. However, a backless saree blouse or an off-shoulder outfit will make your hairstyle stand out in the Diwali crowd. 

Long Curly Hair With An Embellished Headband 

Don’t you just love leaving your hair open with a beautifully embellished headband? A regular headband is cute on its own, but you have to step up on Diwali-the celebration filled with lights and colors. 

This hairstyle is easy to achieve and will make you the center of attention. As you are already wearing an ornate headband as the focal point of this hairstyle, you won’t need much jewelry. 

It goes well with traditional clothes like lehengas and exemplifies the fundamental notion of simplicity.

Curl your long layered hair with a curler and run your fingers through for a natural look. 

Twisted Half-Up Hairstyle For Long Hair 

If half-up hairstyles are your favorite go-to looks, then there’s good news for you! The twisted half-up hairstyle for long hair can be crafted and elevated for Diwali. 

This twisted half-up hairstyle looks phenomenal with loose curls, and all you need are a few bobby pins, curler, and hairspray to achieve the look. 

Add volume to your hair with the back-brushing technique, twist sections of your hair, and secure them with bobby pins. Use hair spray to minimize frizz. 

Accessorize your look with statement-making jewelry and floral clips to your hair. 

Tip: Blow-dry your hair before you begin with the hairstyle for additional volume. 

Chicly Tousled Bun 

Make heads turn this Diwali with this effortlessly chic and tousled bun hairstyle. It is perfect for women in their 20s and 30s with long hair. 

To recreate this hairstyle:

  • Gently tease the roots and use a texturizing spray to add volume and texture to your tresses. 
  • Decide the parting and then divide your hair into four sections, i.e., two on the sides, a small section near the crown, and the last one above your nape. 
  • Clip the three sections away and tie the bottom section into a ponytail
  • Hold the ponytail near the ends with one hand and use your other to tease between the strands. This trick will help with the tousled look. Turn your ponytail into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. 
  • Take a small section of hair from both sides of your face; twist the strands, wrap them around, and secure with bobby pins.
  • Unclip the crown section and divide it into two. Then twist both sections, wrap them around your bun, and secure them with bobby pins.
  • Use your unclipped sections to frame your face and gently tug your hair to achieve the ultimate chicly tousled bun hairstyle!

Accessorize the hair with embellished hairpins and get party-ready with minimal effort. 

Half Bun Hairstyle

A half-bun is ideal if you have color-treated hair, including highlights and medium-layered hair. This is a simple, no-fuss hairdo that requires no refinement or perfection. It’s a low-maintenance style that you can wear a little sloppy to seem incredibly stylish.

Divide your hair into two sections, gently tease it to create volume, and secure it into a half-bun. Use a shine serum to make your mane look lustrous and finish it off with hairspray. 

Soft Waves With Curtain Bangs 

Curtain bangs have taken over 2021 like a storm, and it is easy to see why. Center part your hair bangs and use a roller to make the ends fall outwards. 

If you don’t currently have bangs, use clip-in bang hair extensions to achieve the curtain bangs style without the commitment. 

Tease your hair to achieve volume at the top and create soft waves with a curling wand. 

This soft waves hairstyle is effortlessly chic and a perfect option for Diwali, and wear an off-shoulder outfit or a spaghetti strap attire to show off your gorgeous hairstyle. 

And you have made it to the end of the hairstyle list. It’s time to perfect your hairstyle along with your makeup and wardrobe. All the hairstyles mentioned above are easy to recreate, from tousled bun to twisted hairstyle. 

Try any of these styles with your long or layered hair and become the center of attention!!

So, which of the hairstyles are you planning to flaunt with your long hair for this year’s Diwali? 

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