10 Things You Learn in Secondary School Dubai

Students probably don’t realize it while they’re in school that learning goes far beyond what they learn in the classroom. 

Interaction with teachers,  participation in various projects and activities are just a few of the learning opportunities gained in Secondary School Dubai that can help you get into the habit of networking.

How to Respond to Failure

Students learn from their failures – failed projects, assignments or unsuccessful interviews. They learn how to respond, analyze, improve, and move forward; which is a crucial skill that can be beneficial in life.

How to Utilize Available Resources

In Secondary School in Dubai, you will get many opportunities to do various projects, assignments, and activities; where you will notice that you have to figure out the resources and utilize them to the optimum.

In real life too you get the habit of utilizing the available resources. Figuring things out as you go is a skill one should know which is helpful in all walks of life especially professional life.

How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

In Indian International Schools students explore many things such as visiting many events, presenting themselves, choosing subjects that are beyond their comfort zone and figuring out the potentials which give them experience to grow. They also grow their network which boosts their social confidence.

This habit of exploring new things, collaborating with other people on some projects will help in the long run. You come to understand your strength and things you need to improve. Successful people are those who try to do something by going beyond their comfort zone.

Communication Skills

Students regularly write essays, emails, learn how to write scholarship applications which help them to carefully craft and learn basic etiquettes of mailing and communication. Students engage in debate and discussion which improves their verbal communication and thus all these skills help them in their future.

Critical Thinking Skills

Students get to engage with different scenarios where they learn to analyze, use logic, and critical thinking skills to find a solution. Critical and analytical skills and the ability to think logically is one of the more important skills a student must learn to be successful in school as well as in their career

Ethics and Responsibility

With exposure to various school rules and policies, students learn and understand the importance of ethics and code of conduct. India International School focuses on improving students’ academic knowledge and personal characteristics. A person’s character and ethical behavior are very important, it is the evidence of a strong moral code that is needed to make the world better. 

Knowing people from Diverse Backgrounds

Secondary School Dubai is filled with students from different backgrounds, religions, and cultures. Spending more time and learning together on various group projects, participating in various extracurricular activities, and being a part of campus life with others who are similar but different, is a great learning experience. Knowing their perspectives diversifies their knowledge and helps them to see things from different angles.

The most important thing is to learn and accept others’ opinions and beliefs and handle the situations which are crucial for success in life.

Information Literacy

Students are exposed to a lot of information through other students, teachers, the internet etc. Learning to research, evaluate, and effectively use information in the proper context is very much essential in a world where information is easily accessible. 

Digital Literacy

Being an Indian International School student, one gets the facilities and access to use various apps, software, digital platforms for their study or course materials (video, ebooks, virtual labs etc). Students get the hands-on-experience and are very well aware of the digital world. They know how to use technology and navigate appropriately in the context of the situation. 

Lifelong Learning

Students in Secondary School in Dubai become lifelong learners as they are exposed to an array of ideas and information, where their opinions are considered which inspire their interest and curiosity.

Teachers emphasize students’ independent learning which helps them to develop interest and knowledge needed for lifelong learning.

In order to thrive in competition, one has to keep themselves up to date with the latest technological developments and it happens only when you have a love for learning new things.


 Secondary Schooling is a time where students enjoy independence socially, emotionally, and academically. They will learn new things, expose themselves to many new ideas, learn to challenge themselves, take risks, improve and most importantly have fun. The goal of India International School is to help students graduate with the skills they need to be ready for the future and to make students independent thinkers where they can apply knowledge to real-life situations and find solutions.

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