Travel Guide To Sundarban For Adventurous Exploration

Adventurous Exploration

“If you are planning a trip to Sundarban Adventurous Exploration, then you should seek for reliable guidance. Read this article to get useful information on Sundarban tour”.

Want a green trip with family and friends this ending season. Why not plan for Sundarban tour. It is a magnificent destination that will make you feel relaxed and adventurous at the same time. Sundarban is a beautiful mangrove forest that makes the divine state like West Bengal a complete tourist destination as considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Among many tourist attractions, the Sundarban delta is one of the special places to explore and enjoy. If you go to West Bengal, then, of course, don’t miss adding the Sundarban tour package. The place is even an attraction for international travellers to visit and scout. People who love to have jungle safari and chase wild animals in natural habitats can reach Sundarban forest.

How Can You Reach?

If you are heading for a trip to West Bengals, then no worry, the Sundarban forest area is well connected to Kolkata. Heading from the airport is easy as the nearest one is Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Airport at Kolkata. Travelling to Sundarban delta forest gets adventurous with road and boat rides.

You can also visit the forest directly to road transportation, from Kolkata to Namkhana, Sonakhali, Raidighi, Canning and Najat. These all places are located nearest to Sundarban forest area, and even give fresh riverine waterways. Book Sundarban Tour that is pocket-friendly and offers a maximum of adventure to you and your family.

Many travel packages offer transport services that give travellers an easy approach to exploring destinations and places where guests reside. Pick and drop services for tourist is what makes every travelling plan a complete enjoyment.

Taking local trains to Canning is also the simplest reach for tourists from Sealdah Station (South). Even the local cabs and vans are also available from Canning to Godhkhali Jetty, giving an adventurous beginning to Sundarban delta forests.

Staying In Sundarban: In general, people prefer to stay in perfect accommodation like hotels. If you are a real explorer and want adventure, then of course good is to stay in boat homes or gogo camping. Even the WBTDTC, West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation, has its tourist lodge for travellers to stay comfortably within great affordability.

Apart from government stay place, you can even get yourself settled in private resorts that are nearest to tiger reserve forest, Sundarban gateway, eco-village etc.

Things To Do In Sundarban Mangrove Forest Adventurous Exploration:

Make your Sundarban tour moment cherishing with natural camping and safari. It will make you feel refreshed and enthusiastic. Night jungle safari and tour to Sundarban tiger reserve, waterways and other places are just breath-taking. This will add wilderness memory to your Sundarban tour plan. You can even visit atop Sajnekhali Watch Tower or Burirdabri Watch Tower to spot Bengal tigers. Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary is what a next enjoyable place to see flora and fauna in natural surroundings. Henry’s Island, Bakkhali and Fraserganj are also local attractions for travellers in Sundarban.

Travel Time Best To Visit Sundarban Forest:

You can explore Sundarban delta throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the destination is between September to March. Thus it is suggested to take Sundarban tour package prior to managing and visiting for the best experience.

The Bottom Line:

Heading for a budget-friendly destination this winter season, plan your tour to Sundarban with the best guide now. Enjoy and exploring together comes with the Sundarban forest region. Backpack all essentials and let yourself a stress-free trip to West Bengal. So book a verified, affordable Sundarban tour and travels agency and bring memories to mind with a peaceful jungle safari.

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