5 Reasons to Use Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have a rich history that started way back in the times of Ancient Romans. They were then used in the army to appreciate service above and beyond the call of duty. Even in today’s world, the challenge coins are used in the military for appreciating soldiers’ dedicated service to their motherland. However, the use of challenge coins is not just limited to the military. They are used by several organizations and sectors as a token of appreciation.

The challenge coins are usually round-shaped, made with metals like zinc, bronze, and brass, or more expensive metals like gold. However, they are sometimes used in other unique shapes as well, like a bottle opener. So, if you want to use them, you can easily have challenge coins in your customized design. However, if you wonder why you have to do that, continue reading this article.


Reasons to use customized challenge coins:

  • Challenge coins feel good in the hand.

As challenge coins look like coins and are small enough to fit into the palms. They can be a perfect reward for appreciating someone’s hard work. The receiver will feel something special about holding a cold metallic token in the hand. Moreover, since the challenge coins are made of metals, they have a bit of weight to them. This weight makes them a perfect gift that you can think of giving out to the participates during a special event.

  • Challenge coins are smaller than a trophy.

Well, there is no doubt that the challenge coins are much smaller in size than a trophy. Thus, they are super easy to carry by both the persons who are giving them and receiving them. So, you can think of awarding challenge coins to your dedicated staff for their great service in your organization, rather than awarding trophies. Moreover, it will be super easier for the receiver to store challenge coins on a display shelf than trophies.

  • Challenge coins are great for boosting morale.

Morale is one of the main reasons why organizations invest in challenge coins. People like the feel of belongingness. This means that they like the fact that they belong to some groups and the challenge coins can be a perfect denotation of their belongingness. In the military, each branch, individual units, special groups, and even specific missions have their own challenge coins. Just like that, different organizations can also get different custom challenge coins for different events and give out the coins to their staff or participants. This will provide them a feel of belongingness and pride at the same time. In addition to that, it will help to create a bond between the organization and the people, which they will cherish even after their end of service in the organization.

  • Challenge coins can be cheaper than trophies.

We have already mentioned that challenge coins are much smaller in size than trophies. So the manufacturing cost of challenge coins is also cheaper than that of the trophies. After all, coins can be made with less metal than is required to make the trophies. Usually, the challenge coins are made with cheaper metals, like silver or steel, which made them cheaper. So, if you want to reward your employees or give away an event participant reward, you can just get your customized challenge coins.

  • You can customize challenge coins in lots of ways.

Challenge coins are used in a number of different ways – from the military to weddings. People get their challenge coins customized as per the need so they are available in different colors and designs. If you also want to use challenge coins, you can easily get them customized. All you have to do is to reach out to a private mint firm, where they offer customized challenge coins.

Over To You

Hopefully, you have now understood why several organizations use challenge coins for appreciating their staff and employees. You can also think of using custom challenge coins with your organization’s emblem and motto engraved in them. On top of that, they will be a super pocket-friendly option for you and you can appreciate your staff as well. No matter what you prefer to use for rewarding, ensure that you make the right choice.

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