6 Effective Tips to Deal with Muscle Soreness

Physical exercise is important!. No matter if it’s about your physical or mental health, staying physically active is important for you. When it comes to physical activity, everyone has got a word to say.

Muscle Soreness – What the Problem is About?

While there are fitness freaks, on the other hand there are people who can barely walk for 5 minutes. However, staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has made fitness a talk of the town. People have more time to be conscious about their health. People have become more aware of the need for physical activity.

At home, fitness has become quite a trend. But this doesn’t come along and comes with its fair share of fitness challenges. These problems can vary from person to person. Anyone who just starts working out faces many problems. One such problem is muscle soreness.

Many people suffer from the problem. I remember when a cousin of mine started working out, his problem of muscle soreness grew to the extent that he had to go to many doctors in Peshawar for the treatment. Doctor gave him a proper plan including food and workout modifications to relieve the symptoms.

How to Muscle Soreness at Home?

Normally, cramps and sore muscles go away with time when muscles heal on their own. However, sometimes sore muscles can be problematic and don’t go on their own and need to be treated. If you are someone who is looking for ways to get rid of sore muscles then this article might be a perfect read for you. Here are the tips that might help you;

1- Pre-workout stretching

One common practice is stretching your muscles before working out. Doing this is pretty helpful to prevent muscle soreness. Stretching your body offers many benefits and one prominent one is to reduce the chances of injury. When you stretch your muscles before working out it makes your muscles stress free and helps you feel relaxed. So, make sure to stretch your muscles before moving onto an intense workout.

2- Resting

You may find it tempting to work out daily but that’s not always the right approach. It is simply not possible for you to work out daily especially when you are just starting it. Once your muscles become sore, they need proper time for healing and repairing. Taking proper rest after a workout can help your muscles recover fast.

3- Oil massage

Sore muscles can be painful for anyone and fairly difficult to bear with. While you are trying all possible remedies to deal with sore muscles, oil massage can also help you. Taking any oil of your choice and rubbing slightly over swollen muscles can help to reduce inflammation. This releases muscle tension that ultimately helps you to get rid of muscle soreness.

4- Take a hot shower

Heat is good for your inflamed muscles. You can apply gentle heat to your muscles and help your muscles relax. Taking a hot bath can be a great way to provide this gentle heat to your muscles. Heat can be quite helpful because it helps to regulate blood flow thus, helping your muscles relax.

5- Have anti-inflammatory foods

Muscle soreness can be treated with the help of anti-inflammatory products. Be it creams or gels, the application of anti-inflammatory products can help your muscles recover well. Going to such OTC medications and gels should be your second option and you can begin with the consumption of anti-inflammatory foods. Adding circumin to milk and drinking it before sleep can be the right fix for your sore muscles.

6- Stay physically active

You may feel like sitting on your bed for the whole day but be mindful that it does no good to your sore muscles. No matter how painful your muscle soreness is, you can always try treating it with regular physical activity. Be it simple walking, just don’t deny to move. Doing a light intensity workout can be a great help towards your muscle soreness.

6- Apply ice to reduce swelling

Just like heat, the application of cold is fairly helpful towards your muscle soreness. You can take a few ice cubes and wrap cloth on it following by placing it on the affected area for a limited time. Make sure you don’t overdo it.

Bottom Line!

Muscle soreness is a quite common problem and anyone can suffer from it. Doing physical activity after a gap or doing a high-intensity workout for a long time can result in muscle soreness.

Though there are many tips that can help you to get rid of muscle soreness. From a nutritionally sufficient diet to resting between consecutive workouts, everything comes as a help. However, if your muscle soreness isn’t still leaving, then it is better to consult your fitness coach to get the right consultation regarding workout type, intensity and duration.

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