6 Top Mobile App Ideas That Can Change the World in 2021

The mounting number of mobile apps worldwide and the revenue that mobile apps generate yearly through the app store and in-app advertising are incredibly high. In 2021, mobile apps are projected to bring about $693,000,000,000 in revenue. Indeed, it’s a high number. But do you want a tiny portion of that amount? Affirmative, you do. Not to mention, there are more than https://www.statista.com mobile apps shared available on Apple Store and the Google Play App Store.

Seemingly, topping all these apps with your app idea cannot be so easy. But on the bright side, if you put tremendous effort into any of the following app ideas in this article, then no one can stop you.

I know coming up with excellent ideas can be a jam. However, we have gathered the top 6 mobile app ideas that can change the world.

Locations to Dodge During Vacations App

Perhaps you have seen numerous apps that recommend locations for the next vacation. But unfortunately, no app hints at you not to visit these localities for your vocations. In addition, when you think about holidays, you most possibly be concerned about enjoying yourself there, minus any distress. All things considered, there is not even a single app that can suggest you a perfect place for you. An app that should consider all of your interests, dislikes, and phobias and propose all the sites accordingly.

Furthermore, we would love to travel and spend the time in a more contingent way. For example, many of us like hunting, but some countries have banned hunting.

Let’s see more:

  • Chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore.
  • People in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are banned from celebrating Valentine’s Day in public places.
  • The law in Greece does not allow wearing heels on ancient grounds.
  • You need an ID card with you in lots of European countries.

In either case, people like wearing heels and chewing gum and wouldn’t like to end up in jail on vacation. So, for this, you can develop an app that should recommend places accordingly.

Finding Parking Spaces App

Finding a spot for parking can be a pickle from time to time. People wander around for hours to find a parking spot. Many find this App very advantageous in that it will find them a parking space without any trouble. You can cut the mustard by building such an app. On top of this, you can make a fortune with your Parking Spot App – by the way, you can choose a name yourself. Of course, you have to put durable endeavors to make this happen. Once you pull this App off, no matter what, it’ll keep crushing the app market.

So, how’s it? An app that can find people parking. This App should use the GPS, camera, and parking data to find you a just-right space for your car in real-time.

Try It on App

Many brands have digitalized to ensure services and products for users delivered home. But still, for a user, sometimes it may not be enough. Even though shopping on a mobile app by checking out the product solely with pictures ultimately put the users up in the air – confused. They may as well think if it’s worth it or not, although many times they have bought something online, when they have tried it on – then they had a clear picture of that “it doesn’t suit me.” So, to tackle these situations, you know about the ever-growing AR/VR technologies – Why not use them in your App.

Use these technologies in your App to ensure the consumer a virtual experience in your shopping mall, aka your Try it on App. But wait, that’s not it; there’s more. Also, using this App, they can try each item virtually to check for sure if “it suits them.”

It can be a ground-breaking app idea. And mobile online shoppers will on no occasion stop using your App. Furthermore, it gives a chance to many busy individuals to shop online. Hence, it’s a great app idea for you to implement. It’s time to invest in such a fantastic app today. You can contact an app developer in London and start planning now.

On-Demand Everything App

When I say: on-demand everything, I literally mean on-demand everything. Let me explain! You have perhaps heard of or even used delivery apps that get you food, groceries, and others to your doorsteps. How about an app that brings you everything such as food, services (like plumbing, haircut, car/bike repair, car wash, home and electronics repair, house cleaners, etc.), and several other on-demand services that users can use. For a moment, think about it! Isn’t it a great mobile app idea that gets you any service or thing you want? In addition, when you decide to make such an app, then make sure to enlist every service your city provides and embed them in your App. You can as well add new services each day by collaborating with the service and food industries.

Exchange Goods App

People sooner or later get bored to death with their stuff. Ultimately, they get rid of their things by throwing them out. But what about an app that could exchange their things for what they might want. Yes. An App that people could use to exchange goods. That is to say, an app that allows exchanging stuff between users. Of course, there are endless apps available that can sell things. But an app that can exchange items rather selling them is truly a remarkable idea.

Virtual Health App

If you are really into making a phenomenal app, then this could be it. If you have the needed budget, then go for it. Imagine! An app that notifies us of our health – “Your BP is Low, Drink Something,” “Your hemoglobin level is low, increase iron intake,” “You are temperature is rising,” etc. Also, some gadgets must be attached to measure everything in our body.

Furthermore, this App connects with doctors instantly to have your medicine before anything worse might happen to your condition. An app that should give you diet advice and plans to improve one’s health. You can build an app that can bring the medical industry into the digital realm.

Bonus Mobile App idea

The advancement in AI Automation is snowballing – unraveling/automating everyday tasks in a jiff. Moreover, you can make an app using AI automation features. Like, an app that automates your page and posts daily. This App will be beneficial for those who want to make an online presence by posting daily. I remind you with this App, you don’t have to do it every day, but one time set up, and there your go. In this App, you’ll gather things in one folder and set this App to post one picture per day at this time. Well, this is just an idea; think of an app that automates many more things than this.


Above all, an app developer puts vigorous efforts into building creative apps for people to use. These ideas mentioned above may enlighten your mood and drive you to create one of these mobile app ideas. But, more importantly, this can be an excellent opportunity for you to earn some money out of it.

If you want to develop an excellent mobile app from the above ideas, get support from the reliable android or iPhone app development company today.

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