4 Important Rules of Writing an Essay in 2021

To create an excellent university essay, you must make your point obvious. This entails arranging your major ideas, backing them with proofs and valid arguments, and tying everything up at the conclusion, so the reader understands what they’ve read.

To accomplish this properly, you must consider the reader’s point of view. If you can anticipate what could confuse or bore people as they review your work, you can prevent problems that will confuse or exhaust them.

Essay writing is a task that no student can run from and eventually have to do all throughout their academic life. Instead of trying to run from it or ignore it, one should learn a few tips and tricks that can help one write perfect essays each time.

What are the Basics of Essay Writing?

An essay is a type of literature in which you offer your point of view, supported by facts, in response to a question. This point of view is known as ‘your argument, stance, or thesis statement.’ There are various kinds of essays, but they all have key characteristics that make them easier to prepare and deliver.

  • A powerful claim backed by ideas, reasoning, and facts.
  • A summary and results of the data and viewpoints of other writers.
  • A logical framework consisting of an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • A list of references.

There are no universally set rules for writing essays, but following a few general and important rules can ease the whole writing process for the students. To help the hard-working students out, a cheap reliable essay writing service has taken the liberty of collecting the 4 most important writing rules.

  1. Always Make Your Essay Easy to Understand

The worst mistake a student can make is to add fancy words that add no leverage to the essay and make it difficult to understand. Essay writing is not the time to show off your extensive vocabulary knowledge unless it is absolutely required.

While writing the essay, you should keep in mind that a five-year-old is reading this, and you have to explain to them what all that you are talking about is. You must be confused as to why should a university-level student write in a way that is so easy to understand but let’s be honest, an essay is an assessment of what your take is on a topic or how well you have understood the essay subject.

Because of the huge quantity of essays that must be assessed, many professors admit to skimming writings to determine if a student is proficient in the subject and how much they’ve followed the style requirements. As a result, it is a smart option to arrange your essay such that the important elements are evident while skimming and clear enough to convey the message.


  1. Research and Only Use Authentic Information

When writing an essay, you are either writing to prove that you have understood the project, explaining something to the reader, or sharing your own experiences and thought processes.

While you are writing to explain something or your own understanding, you can’t do it by stating facts and your own research. Using authentic information and data to validate your arguments or explanations is a much smarter way of handling the written piece.

Any argument you are using should be backed by authentic facts to make your writing much more effective. Extensive researches will help you find the best pieces of information to add to your essays.

  1. Add a Convincing Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is an essential component of the introduction and the essay as a whole and must never be overlooked. In a short style, the thesis statement will highlight the primary concept of the essay.

Even though it is required in the beginning, never write your thesis statement in the first sentence of your essay. The better way is to place it towards the conclusion of the opening paragraph as a transitioning point to the essay’s body paragraphs.

  1. Use Proper Style and Format

Style, structure, and formatting do not create an excellent essay, but they do impact the initial impression your work produces.

Firstly, teachers would like to see the proper essay style and format regarding the topic and essay type that students are assigned. In many situations, the style intended to be followed in the essay is specified in the guidelines or has been predetermined. Depending on the sort of essay, you can readily determine the style.

What Does Your Professor Want From You?

Following are some of the things your professor wants from you so that they can assess you properly.

  • You have directly addressed the essay topic.
  • You have fulfilled the essay requirements.
  • You leaned on literature and conversations from your regular lectures and courses.
  • You’ve taken a stand on the subject and demonstrated your knowledge of it.
  • You have finished the assigned and suggested readings.
  • You have studied and explained sources, and you have structured them according to the reference style necessary.
  • Your article is accessible, straightforward, and rationally ordered, with a clear opening, body, and conclusion.
  • You stayed inside the word limit.

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