Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp can be constructed from fragments from Himalayan salt crystals. They are beautiful ornaments for interiors as well to be natural lights. But the numerous applications of Himalayan salt go far beyond aesthetics.

When combined with a lighting source within the salt of the lamp, the salt particles generate negative ions, which produce positive effects on the indoor air.

The installation of the Himalayan salt lamp inside each area of your home could yield a variety of environmental and health advantages or you can buy salt lamps online. In addition, they are able to:

Balance Electromagnetic Radiation

Televisions, everyday appliances like and cell phones computers and tablet devices release positive electrons into the air continuously. These, and other electronics could cause an increase in electromagnetic radiation (EM) that while invisible can cause many long-term negative effects. Continuously exposed to EM radiation is thought to trigger fatigue, increase stress, and weaken the immune system. Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions that neutralize positive ones. By neutralizing radiation from electromagnetic sources, they aid in reducing artificial frequencies and reduce static buildup.

Enhance Overall Breathing

Cilia are hairs that line the windpipe. They function as microscopic filters for breathing. According to research positive ions reduce the activity of the cilia while, in contrast, negative ions can have an increasing and positive impact. Himalayan salt lamps are believed to aid in breathing by the release of negative ions that remove foreign particles and help keep the lungs clean in general.

Cleanse, Deodorize, and Purify Air

Himalayan salt lamps assist to cleanse the air by the process of hygroscopy which draws out and absorbs harmful particles of water in the environment and then binds them to the crystal of salt. This process has the remarkable capability of removing smoke from cigarettes dust and other toxins out of the atmosphere. This is a major benefit because salty air serves as a general health booster and assists in clearing airways.

Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma

The Himalayan salt lamp is believed to eliminate dust in the form of mildew, mould, and pet dander out of the indoor air. Like the nasal saline spray makes use of salt to cleanse the airways, it can help alleviate symptoms of allergies of all types. People who suffer from asthma may also get benefitted from Himalayan salt. It’s such a powerful breathing aid that some manufacturers have developed Himalayan salt inhalers specifically designed for people suffering from asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory problems.

Alleviate Coughing and Other Symptoms of the Common Cold

The possibility is that negative ions produced through Himalayan salt lamps could shield against airborne germs. Apart from removing these pollutants out of the atmosphere, salt lets the body clean air more efficiently in order to prevent foreign substances from entering the lungs. This helps to prevent the onset in coughs, wheezing sore throats, as well as other minor signs of typical cold symptoms.

Boost Blood Flow

Certain studies have indicated negative ions, like the ones emitted from Himalayan salt lamps could increase blood flow. This can help alleviate various disorders that affect the blood vessels. It also could prevent damage to the lungs.

Raise Energy Levels

Positive ions drain the body of energy according to research, Himalayan salt lamps may reverse this. The negative ions raise the level of energy, which results in an invigorating effect, similar to the sense of rejuvenation derived when you spend time in nature.

Sharpen Concentration and Performance

Exposure to negative air ions decreases stress and improves overall performance. Negative ions boost blood and oxygen supply to the brain. This makes Himalayan salt lamps excellent for increasing concentration. They also boost the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin that literally gives you the sensation of joy.

Enhance Mood

Numerous studies show negative ions boost mental and physical energy through the increase of serotonin levels in the brain. Thus, Himalayan salt lamps could aid those suffering from seasonal affective disorders (SAD) as well as other types of depression.

Reduce Stress and Promote Relaxation

Himalayan salt lamps are employed as an aid to colouring therapy (chromotherapy) which is a different method for diagnosing and treating many ailments. They create a soft, calming light with hues of red, orange and yellow which can help with anxiety, stress and attention deficit disorder overall relaxation to name a few. The tranquil light is believed to balance spiritual, physical and emotional energy.

Improve Sleep

Excessive exposure to positive ions can reduce the blood flow to the brain and oxygen supply, which could result in sleep patterns that are irregular. The negative ions that are produced by the Himalayan salt lamp are thought to counteract this effect and are an effective sleep aid. In direct connection to chromotherapy, the calming light may help those suffering from insomnia.

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