What is the difference between Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing?

Marketing has changed after COVID 19 struck the world. This change has directed the stress from traditional marketing towards digital marketing in many ways. Also, this has resulted in an increased pace of revolution. Brands today need to catch up work accordingly.

Furthermore, Digital marketing seems more promising, as marketing over e-commerce websites and social media platforms etc. provides a larger scope of audience to cover in one go. The only factor that persists here is that it depends on the brands now, how they are planning to utilize the opportunity? And how they are willing to grab the attention of their targeted audience.

However, considering all of the above parameters – it doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is no longer considered as a source of campaigning. It still gleams gorgeous and has its unique scent that cannot be competed with.

Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing – Let’s Find Out.

Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing
It evokes using traditional mediums for communicating with the public – Billboards and Print Media. For Instance – Magazines and Newspapers, Billboard Advertising. It involves using digital channels like websites, and social media applications. It is based upon a new age marketing strategy. For Instance – Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram etc.
This type of marketing is uniform and holds a structurally patterned way of planning and communicating. This showcases a dissected pattern of marketing, which sometimes symbolises an unclear message.
This is a marketing strategy that holds a one way communication between the buyer and seller. This marketing strategy represents a two way communication planning.
The marketing strategies are planned a long time ago before the content was published. This holds a spontaneous ground for approaching and connecting to the target audience.
It helps you to reach out to the targeted audience in a particular area. With digital marketing, you can reach out to the target audience or consumers globally, i.e. anywhere in the world.
It provides a hard copy of information but it happens that one can forget to carry it along. This marketing type provides you with everything online which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime as per the convenience.
Traditional Marketing involves less direct interaction between the brand and the consumer. Digital Marketing involves more of the direct messaging and interaction between the consumer and the brand.
Traditional Marketing is very expensive when it comes to affordability. As Radio advertisements or newspaper columns, they cost a lot. Digital Marketing, on the other hand, is cheaper with regards to the traditional one. Because everything is online, marketing here is mostly free but if a company wants to promote its commercials to a wider audience, they can go for paid ads.
Marketing analysis is a difficult task here as people have to wait for weeks, sometimes months in order to get a particular feedback. Digital marketing analytics provides you with a quick and sorted way of getting feedback and analysing the response.
Drafting another marketing strategy takes time as the response is not real time with Traditional Marketing. Planning the next strategy is much easier as the Digital Marketing platform provides with a there and then response which helps in future planning.
It holds a less amount of ways to engage customers. It holds a pool full of ideas that aid the brand in engaging customers.
It is simple and consistent. It is evolving every day.
It can be edited, or corrected , or worked upon during the office timings. Digital marketing supports 24×7 connection.
Customers cannot choose to skip the ads and interruptions conferring the unwanted advertisements. On social media and youtube, people can skip the unwanted ads and interruptions and can continue with their readings or operations.

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