Buying Guide: How Do I Choose the Best Ice Cream Maker?

With an ice cream machine you  can make delicious ice cream yourself . If you dive into the world of ice machines, you will be surprised at how diverse the models, features and prices are.

 That is why it is good to know what all functions and features mean, how an ice cream machine works and of course what best suits your needs. 

The types of ice cream

Ice cream comes in different types and flavors. The taste depends on the ingredients and is entirely up to you. The species, on the other hand, is determined by the structure of the ice. Not all ice cream machines can make the 3 types of ice cream that we distinguish.

The 3 types of ice cream that ice cream machines are set up for are  sorbet, ice cream and soft serve ice cream . Soft ice cream seems to be the most difficult variant of this, because if ice cream machines can only make 2 types of ice cream, soft ice cream always falls first. So this looks somewhat like a specialty. 🍦

Single or double ice bucket?

The ice bucket is where it all happens. The ingredients are mixed and the machine makes great ice cream. Because everything is mixed in the ice bucket, you can only make 1 flavor and type of ice cream per ice bucket.

Fortunately, there are also ice machines with 2 ice buckets for those who love variety  . So you can make 2 types and/or flavors of ice cream at the same time with the same machine. 

Self-freezing ice cream maker?

Among the ice cream machines you will find 2 types: the self-freezing ice cream machine and the ice machine with a separate cooling element. Which cooling system the ice machine has has an effect on the rest of the properties.

The self-freezing ice maker has a  built-in compressor  that allows the machine to freeze itself. If you see “self-freezing” or “with compressor” listed in the properties, this means the same thing.

A disadvantage of the compressor is that it has some extra weight, which makes the ice cream machine bigger and heavier. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the effort.

The ice machine with a  separate cooling element  is usually lighter, but without a compressor the device cannot cool itself. So you have to put the cooling element or the ice bucket in the freezer in advance. Usually this should be between 8 and 24 hours before you make your ice cream.

Content and format

The capacity of an ice cream maker is usually between  1.5 and 2 liters . So there is not much difference, but the size and weight of ice cream machines can differ enormously.

As mentioned under the previous heading, the presence of a compressor has a significant influence on the  weight , but that is not the only factor.

For example, two ice buckets also need more space than one. Now an empty ice bucket will not be very heavy, but the ice machine is built bigger for it.

The price

From a few tens to half a rug: ice machines can really be found in the most diverse price ranges. 💸

The  self-freezing property  actually plays the biggest role here. To be able to freeze itself, an ice cream maker needs a built-in compressor – and that piece of technology costs money.

The number of types of ice and ice buckets also plays a role in the price, but the differences are still limited. Being able to make ice cream spontaneously is therefore actually the most expensive.

How does an ice machine work? 

How long does the ice need to run in an ice cream maker?

What is the difference between a home ice maker and a professional ice maker? 


If you want tasty, fast ice cream in as many flavors as possible, then it’s clear: the  Magimix Gelato Expert  is the best ice cream machine for you! 

If you prefer to keep the price tag a bit milder, then the  Domo D09201I is  a worthy successor that has been awarded a nice second place in this top five. Have you been craving ice cream yet? 🍦 Let me know below!

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