CENTRESTAGE in Hong Kong- Asia’s Fashion Spotlight returns next month

Asia’s Fashion

Introducing the first Asia’s Fashion CENTRESTAGE event in 2016, The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) has come up with a highly useful show where International Asian Fashion Brands and Designers listed on a leading India B2B marketplace could exhibit their latest creations to the people of the entire world through television and internet -and the people of Hong Kong- too. It is a fashion show, which is among one of the highly expected events of the fashion industry today. Known as the major Asian Fashion, it is a yearly event where members of the fashion industry are free to put on display their latest wearable art. Of course, you must be approved to do so by HKTDC first. Spotlight Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest, Fashion Shows and Mini Parades, Trend Seminars, “Hong Kong in Fashion” Citywide Promotions, and many other related activities are going to display in this exhibition.

The fashion industry today is mainly characterized by what brands and which designs are currently in style. Attracting over 230 fashion brands of the world in 2019 alone, CENTRESTAGE has become a significant trade show of high standing in the fashion world. The Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center has hosted subsequent instances of The Centrestage event and has catered to those brands that come from 23 different countries, with buyers eager to purchase fashionably popular items. The Centrestage event has become so popular that over 74,000 fashion enthusiasts visit the occurrence every year and they are also yearning to make purchases from the show each year.

Comprehensive fashion brand promotional platform

The sixth edition of CENTRESTAGE adopts “Chapter Infinity” as its central theme. The event features three thematic zones: ALLURE – representing craftsmanship, refinement and elegance; ICONIC – displaying avant-garde designs; and METRO – showcasing contemporary, minimalistic expressions of urban life. This year’s event hosts more than 200 fashion brands from 24 countries and regions. Multiple brands and industry organisations from outside Hong Kong have sent local representatives to participate in the event.

Scheduled by The HKTDC, the much-awaited CENTRESTAGE event is to take place 10-12 September, this year. This time around, the event will be carried out in physical format as opposed to last year. When it was a strictly virtual occasion. With Chapter Infinity at its central theme, the event is to provide its audience with the latest fashion trends popular in the world for fashion and apparel. Some of the important events at the Center stage you don’t want to miss are Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show, fashionable Collection #17, and the annual Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC).

Asia’s Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show

A highly chief affair that The HKTDC plans for Asia’s Fashion Centerstage, is The Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show. As an especially noteworthy occurrence in the world of fashion, it is expected to bring huge appreciation and respect for the fashion designers of the fashion industry today. Kicking off the entire set of The Centrestage formalities, it is a show where designers and brands assign models to show the latest instalments the same brands or designers are going to launch in the current year. Including a series of international promotional events, this Hong Kong Runway Show is a wonderful place for brands to introduce their latest designs as they are worn by top models of the geographical area. Having the models walk down the runway of the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention while wearing clothes and accessories designed by designers and brands, The Fashion Hong Kong Runway show is exceedingly successful in proving to fashion enthusiasts that those brands and designers make the most sought after clothes and accessories they are after.

Exceptional fashion shows debut new collections

Fashionably Collection Asia’s Fashion 

The fashion industry today, certainly needs a notable event that exhibits the notable designs and commendable hard work of new designers in the fashion world he World Is Your Oyster. FASHIONALLY is a competition held as a significant event of The Centerstage group of fashion events, by The HKTD. In 2021, this exciting happening is going to include a competition that determines the winner based on majority votes by the people who cast their votes before the deadline of 12th September 2021. To entice the audience for casting votes, the organizers have conveniently placed a HK$2,000 Lee Gardens Area e-Gift Certificates sponsored by Hysan Development. YOUSER The competition will finish, with 7 winners selected as the best designers in Hong Kong amateur fashion. 10 fashion designers from Hong Kong, will enter the final round of the contest on 12 September. The one with the highest number of votes will win the “My Favorite Collection Award”. The collection that wins, will be disclosed on the same day while lucky draw results will be announced on www.FASHIONALLY.com, Sing Tao Daily, and The Standard on 20 September 2021.

Annual Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC

As part of the Centerstage in Hong Kong this year, another exciting event is being planned to take place. Termed as The Annual Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) it is primed to become a breakthrough occasion for young would-be successful fashion designers who staunchly believe that they deserve a place of inspiration and a place where they can inspire others interested in their designs too. This place can additionally, serve as a platform where they can showcase their creativity to gain substantial traction for the unique designs and clothing they hope would become successful products in the fashion industry today.

Have a watch or read about the recent accomplishments of The HKDA today!

The HKTDC holds of The Centerstage each year, to expertly bolster the efforts with the attempts of the entire world’s fashion designers and brands to promote the latest instalments they intend to offer to sell out. Apart from that, it is also a cluster of events that gives an exceptional stage for amateur or inexperienced creatives of the fashion industry, to initially make their marks in the fashion industry today.

Wrap Up Asia’s Fashion

In the fashion and apparel industry such events and trade shows are essential as the rising competition is effecting the current B2B and B2C market conditions. Once you interact with top designers and clothing manufacturers in such a trade expo, you’ll be able to explore many business opportunities. Therefore, we advise all business owners to show their presence in this event and other leading Asian event to connect with other organizations within their industry to grow

Celebrity singer and fashionista Hins Cheung attended the event as performing guest to give his support to the designers. Replay of the show is now available at YouTube..

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