Garden design program? Design your own garden with these 3 programs and apps

You want to make your own garden design , but don’t know yet which garden design program you will work with? We have listed four garden design programs.

There is a wide range of garden design programs and garden design apps. We have made a selection for you of the options that you can use to design your own garden. We have left aside garden design software used by professionals. This often requires skills that you do not learn in a week. That is why we focus on drawing programs for the garden that you can use as a private person.

Before you start designing in one of these garden design programs, you will of course need some inspiration. You can find them on Pinterest, YouTube, our website , for example , but of course by taking a good look around your residential area or by visiting example gardens. If you are looking for a company that makes your Apps then go here developing software applications. 

On this page you will find:

  • (garDsign)
  • SketchUp
  • Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden
  • Gardena Garden Planner
  • Garden Creator

For each program we explain the possibilities and the approach, what the advantages and disadvantages are, what the drawing program costs and where you can find it. There are, of course, other garden design programs. Share it with us and other readers in the comments. We now choose the above five garden drawing programs.

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Possibilities and approach

We have been using this tool for simple designs for some time now. It works quite simply. First, imitate the surface of your garden. Then you can determine the background. There is everything in this garden design program: decking, lawn, pavement, water. After that you can start dragging products in the garden. Think of stepping tiles and borders, but also larger elements such as pergolas and canopies. To top it off, you naturally place plants in the garden. This drawing program contains an impressive library of plants and materials. You can adjust all heights and widths. At the end it is also possible to print out an order list with all materials on it. In the paid version it is also possible to view the 3D result and see how the sun rotates through your garden during the day and per season. All in all, a very complete drawing program for your garden design.


  • This garden design software is also good to use on the tablet.
  • The entire garden design process from start to finish is included in this program.
  • This tool is the closest to professional garden design software of these five.


  • Not yet found. is a very complete program with which you can create extremely professional garden designs yourself.
  • Okay, if we have to name something: because of the many possibilities it takes a while to get to know this drawing program.

Price and link

You can use the free demo for this drawing program for your garden for one year. In this variant you only have 2D at your disposal. After a year you will pay  4.95 per year. There are also packages of 8.95, 25 and 50 per year. These are variants used by professionals. This contains more options, such as 3D and additional drawing options. But we assume that the free version of one year is enough. We think it takes more than a year to design a garden ;). The package of  8.95 would also be an option, because you also have the 3D options.

2. SketchUp

Possibilities and approach

This drawing program for your garden is very advanced. It was developed by Google, which later sold it. It is best to start by measuring and drawing out your garden properly. You can then scan this floor plan and import it into your design. Then the outer boundaries of your lot have already been drawn in the program. In this garden design app you can work with 3D. Very nice, but also takes some getting used to. We therefore recommend that you watch a number of videos beforehand about how you work with SketchUp.

You can view your design from all sides and in all sizes in 3D by dragging the hand. This garden design software contains a lot of materials that you can all add. Paving, fences, canopies, plants and much more.


  • Can also be used offline, because the program is downloaded on your own computer.
  • Thanks to the 3D functions, you can already see very accurately how your garden will be when the garden design is carried out.
  • In this software you can, for example, furnish your house from the inside, design products and indulge yourself as an architect.


  • There is no longer a Dutch version of SketchUp available. English, German or French for example. Or maybe you speak Portuguese, Italian or Spanish fluently. Buena Suerte!

Price and link

SketchUp is completely free to use. So you have all the options of the program at your disposal. Ideal! When downloading, indicate that you will use this garden design software as a private person. So you download the program on your computer.

3. Home design 3D Outdoor & Garden

Possibilities and approach

This is a garden design app. To properly test the drawing program, we downloaded it on our phone.

You start by recording the dimensions of your garden. This can of course also be your front yard . Then you will add all kinds of objects and objects. In between, you can quickly see what it looks like in 3D mode. In the menu you can choose from all kinds of elements, such as gates & fences, swimming pools & jacuzzis and garden sets. All kinds of materials can also be found in this garden design app. Think of wood, paving and plants.


  • Because you use the app on a device with a touchscreen, it is easy to zoom in and out and rotate your design.
  • In the free version there is a 3D function, so you can view the result beautifully.
  • The operation of the app speaks for itself. So you don’t spend that much time learning to understand this drawing program to design your garden.


  • The advertising in the app is somewhat distracting.
  • If you are working on a small screen device, it is a bit more difficult to use this garden design app.

Price and links

There is a free version to use. The disadvantage of this is that your design is only kept for a day. The paid version is 5.49. With that version you also have access to more objects to place in your garden design and you can save your design and open it again later.

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