QuickBooks Error 15240 | Causes And Solutions

With QuickBooks, you can manage your budget and maintain other financial data for small and midsized companies. It is developed and marketed by Intuit, an American software development company. Today, managing your financial statements is a difficult task if you run a business. With QuickBooks Online, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as non-profits, can easily and safely maintain their financial statements. In QuickBooks, users are able to track customers, vendors, employees, and prepare taxes.

Being such an impactful and powerful application QuickBooks has some flaws. Within QuickBooks, many QB users encountered several errors while working on it that interrupted productivity. Error 15240 is one such error that occurred within QuickBooks. Today we are going to discuss this particular error in this article so let’s get started.

What is Error 15240 QuickBooks?

Updating QuickBooks and its features to avoid any problems and interruptions is necessary from time to time, but sometimes, when updating QuickBooks Payroll, an error occurs, known as QuickBooks Update error 15240.

QuickBooks error 15240- HRESULTXXXX the QuickBooks Update did not complete successfully.

The above error message starts displaying on the screen when the error emerges on the system.

How To Recognize QB Error 15240?

There are few symptoms that help a user to recognize the error.

  • Whenever QuickBooks payroll is updated, it will refuse the download
  • There will be a slow and sluggish performance from the computer system
  • Input devices will only be responsive sluggishly
  • There will be frequent crashes on the computer.
  • In the event of a simultaneous freeze, it will start.

What Are The Causes Behind The Occurrence of QuickBooks Error 15240?

It is a good practice to know the factors that triggered the error to occur within the system. When you are aware of the causes you have a chance to avoid the error in the future by cutting its roots.

  • It may be a case of an outdated QuickBooks version.
  • The user cannot be an administrator if he failed to log in as one.
  • It was specified as a wrong, invalid, or incorrect download link, but there is an active shared download.
  • If the QuickBooks multi-user mode is used within the terminal service setting by a user.
  • Corrupt or damaged registry or windows files
  • Updates of QuickBooks may be damaged.

How To Fix Error 15240 QuickBooks?

There are few methods that help a user to determine the QuickBooks Update error 15240 and make your system work again without any issue.

1: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Download the tool from trusted sources such as Intuit.
  • Now save the downloaded file on the desktop for easy access
  • Here you are required to run the download file on QBinstalldiagnostictool.exe
  • The above step initiate the installation process
  • Now accept all terms and conditions within the installation wizard
  • Once the above steps are complete, the installation is completed too.
  • Open the tool on the system
  • And hit the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool option
  • Select a Company file that needs to be diagnosed
  • Enter the admin credentials
  • Now select the next option to start the scanning to erase the error

2: Log in As an Admin within QuickBooks

  • To do this, right-click on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop and select QuickBooks from the menu.
  • Select Run as Administrator

3: Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool To Reinstall QuickBooks

  • Go To the control Panel through Start Menu
  • Choose the Uninstall a program tab
  • Click Uninstall/Changes the App on the QuickBooks Application followed by selecting the QuickBooks Application
  • Follow the directions to uninstall the App by selecting the uninstall option.
  • Download the QuickBooks clean-install tool from the official site of Intuit, and run it on the system.
  • For the tool kit terms and conditions, click on I accept.
  • Make sure you are using the correct QuickBooks version, then click “Continue”
  • You can then choose Install QuickBooks to reinstall the software
  • Open QuickBooks software on your desktop to use.

4: Set The Time And Date Correctly

  • You can open the system by clicking the Start Button
  • Type control within the search field and click the OK button
  • On the list of options, select Control Panel
  • You can change the time and date from this page
  • Ensure the date and time are correct
  • Make sure you select Apply to save the changes, then click Ok to confirm.

5: Allow Permission to Installation Folder of QB

  • Launch Windows File Manager after exiting QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Right-click on the Intuit folder in the C:/Program Files/ folder.
  • You will then need to select the Advanced tab after choosing the Properties option.
  • Ownership should be set to the User Group.
  • Go to the Advanced Security Settings section and select Owners from the Change left column.
  • Now enter the Users and Select object name section and then click Check Names.
  • Hit the ok button and mark the box besides Replace owner on sub containers and objects
  • select Apply and then OK
  • Select Full Control under the Permissions section.
  • To finish, hit the OK option after clicking the Apply button.


Hopefully, you liked the article. This article is all about the QuickBooks error 15240, its factors, symptoms, and solutions. If you are the one looking to fix this issue in a simple way, follow this guide as this article explains every solution in an illustrated way.

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