Star Wars Movies Trivia You May Not Know:

Star Wars Movies

It is good to do a little retrospect to know some of the most unknown curiosities of classic and not so classic Star Wars Movies that are part of popular culture and that have accompanied the tapes with the traditional mysticism of being some of the most important works of cinema. If you want know star wars movie trivia questions then you can check out the online trivia questions websites, some of them are given below

C3PO could not walk:

The original C3P0 suit worn by Antohny Daniels was far from being well manufactured. It turns out that apart from constantly falling off pieces of the suit as they were filming in the Tunisian desert, an entire section of the left piece was badly damaged, that’s why many of the C3PO shots in the first tape only show the android from the waist up, especially to hide the problem from the viewer.

The Jedi costume for all audiences:

Perhaps it is one of the curiosities that the public least knows but that for one thing or another has ended as an icon of popular culture. It turns out that after the filming of ‘A New Hope’, the robe worn by Alec Guinness in the film disappeared until he found it in 2005.

Chewbacca was naked:

And this did not like the production executives at all. And is that according to Mark Hamill, the Chewbacca suit was about to be re-designed to incorporate shorts, however absurd this might seem. Chewbacca is more like a dog in appearance than a human. All in all, the film was about to receive the R rating as one of the nude protagonists.

Adhesive tape:

Princess Leia, despite being a princess, did not have all the comforts of a princess. And it is that Carrie Fisher ended up ‘sticking’ her breasts with duct tape because in Lucas’s words “there is no underwear in space”, so putting on or taking off a bra was not a solution for Princess of the Galaxy. All in spite of the fact that on more than one occasion she does wear clothing similar to a bikini.

Nursing and trash:

One of the most famous curiosities is the small mishap that Mark Hamill had while filming the scene of the trash compactor after the rescue of the princess.

And it is that the Jedi candidate held his breath so much that one of the blood vessels in his face ended up breaking, because Roger Christian, the manager of the scenarios had to fill the trash compactor with real trash to give more realism to the scene.

The clones:

One of the criticisms that the Star Wars prequels have received has undoubtedly been the abuse of the CGI compared to the original trilogy.

It turns out that the design level of the new trilogy reached such a level that not a single clone uniform was required to represent the clone troopers so that complicated action sequences involving battles were much more feasible to produce Star Wars Movies.

Each clone trooper seen in all three films was digitally processed, even though it would have been easier to use real actors in suits for the punctual moments.

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