Straight Tuck end boxes as a valuable packaging solution

With the advances in shopping and retail, there have been many changes in the process of bringing finished products into the markets. Being a buyer, you must have noticed the change in the quality and look of items that we see in stores. These items of all categories appear much more attractive in their outlook than ever before. There is a lot effort that goes into leaving an impression of a product in the best way. Every business owner wants the best presentation of their product with finesse and style. This article will throw light on the importance of tuck end boxes for presenting products.

An introduction to tuck end boxes

Tuck end boxes are packaging boxes that are found everywhere around the stores for all kinds of products. With the advancement of packaging technology, there has been an introduction of many new packaging methods. But the popularity of tuck end boxes remains. Tuck end boxes as the name suggest consisting of a simple square or rectangular box with a tuck end on one or either side. The tuck end is a simple folding end of the box that you can fold to tuck on the inside of the box. These boxes are amazingly simple to use. They consist of one-piece packaging that makes them even more convenient and the best option for packaging.

Basic types of tuck end boxes

Tuck end boxes all have one thing in common that is the end that we can tuck which helps open the box to remove an item. Apart from that, there can be uncountable types of changes that you can make and select to form a packaging that you may require. Tuck end boxes have the following basic types to select from.

Straight tuck end boxes

Like all other types, they have tuck ends. Tuck end boxes contain two tuck ends on the upper side and bottom sides of the box. You can easily view and open the box from both sides very easily. They are known as straight tuck end boxes because both the tuck ends face the same side of the box. This side of the box acts as a front view of the tuck end box. They consist of the simplest design. Straight tuck ends boxes look and feel easy to use.  Straight tuck end boxes are simple yet very convenient for packaging that makes them one of the most popular packaging options.

Custom reverse tuck end box

Reverse tuck end boxes are similar as the straight tuck end boxes; hence a slight difference is found in their structure. They also contain two tuck ends on the upper and lower end of the box. This design makes it very convenient to take off the item that is inside the box. We call them reverse tuck boxes because the tuck ends instead of facing each other, face opposite sides of the box. One tuck end of the upper side being at the front side while the other one on the bottom opens at the backside.

Tuck end auto bottom boxes

These are yet another type of straight tuck end box that contains a single tuck end, unlike other tuck end boxes. However, they have a unique feature that other types of tuck end boxes lack. This feature is the auto-lock bottom that is present on the lower side of the box. This is known as auto-lock because it is nothing but the folding of the paper box material. These folds arrange in a way that they can twist around each other to form a lock. You can easily close and open this lock with the use of your hands. This design is yet another wonder of advancements in packaging. The auto bottom is a very safe way to store products without fear of them falling out. You can further make this lock secure by adding glue to fix it strongly.

The source material of tuck end boxes

The source material that is suitable for making these super useful and simple boxes is also very simple. They consist of paper or cardboard as their source material. The phenomenal thing about cardboard is that is ecologically a very useful option. You can also use Kraft material for making tuck top boxes that are even easier to recycle because it has gone through minimal processing. There is yet another option known as corrugated material. This material is also a very safe packaging option because of its unique design. It has folds and multiple sheets of paper that give cushioning to the items. That is why this material is a very popular packaging option for the transport and shipping of items.

What makes tuck end boxes the most valuable packaging option

The straight tuck end boxes offer many useful aspects that make them such a popular option for packaging items throughout the industry. Some of these aspects are the following.

Convenient to use

As we mentioned earlier, all types of tuck end boxes whether straight tuck end, reverse tuck, or auto-lock bottom boxes are very easy to use. Their closure is simple and easy to open yet very safe at the same time.

Sustain the items well

The packaging material of these boxes although light in weight can hold the items easily and safely. The processing and making of these boxes are done in a very apt way that assures the quality of the boxes. This is the reason why so many items of all shapes and sizes whether heavy or delicate remain safe in these boxes. For shipping of items along with long distances, tuck top boxes are also the best option.

Eco-friendly material

The source material of these packaging boxes whether Kraft, corrugated, or the usual cardboard material is all-natural. This is what makes these boxes a safe ecological option that you can degrade and recycle as you like.

Unlimited options for customization

These boxes are easy to make, and you can use dyes and prints of various sorts on them. The ability to customization with ease makes them very popular among the buyers. The customers love to see colorful packaging boxes. Sometimes the boxes might be the only reason why the customers buy the items.

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