Have you decided it’s time to get your first leather jacket? Or are you adding another one to your collection, and you’re having trouble deciding on which style to get?

I’ve been a huge fan of leather jackets for as long as I can remember. My grandfather and father both rode motorcycles, which meant leather jackets were everyday wear for them, and I quickly followed suit. Men in leather jackets always turn heads, but what is the best men’s leather jackets?

High-quality high end leather jacket brands names produce expensive leather jackets, but considering how long they will last, it’s worth the money. You just need to make sure you choose styles of Ministry Of Fashion black Faux Leather Jacket that works well for you. That’s why I put together this list of the most popular types of leather jackets so you can find your match.

The first time I went into a store and tried to pick out a new leather jacket, I realized that they all looked the same. At first, my instinct was to make a choice based on looks alone. However, a good friend of mine was there to educate me about the many subtle differences between this iconic emblem of the stereotypical American bad-ass. To pay my karmic debt, I wish to pass on what I know to you. In this way, I hope that you can make a better-informed decision regarding this important and expensive purchase. Who makes the best leather jackets? What are top leather jacket brands? What are the different styles of leather jackets? These questions and more will be answered in this guide!

The Zipper:

A zipper seems like a fairly unimportant part of the jacket since it doesn’t really draw the eye or add anything distinctive to the overall appearance. However, this is what makes the zipper a good barometer of quality. When a manufacturer is trying to cut their manufacturing costs, the little things are always the first to go. This is why cheap jackets tend to have inferior zippers.

Most leather jackets will be made with one of two kinds of zippers. They will normally be either YKK or RiRi zippers. While some people will claim otherwise, it doesn’t really matter if the manufacturer chooses one or the other. Some will try to tell you that one is better than the other, but in the end, these are just stylistic differences that have nothing to do with quality. Disregard this factor.

What you want to look at is the sturdiness and reliability of the zipper. Put it on and work the zipper up and down a few times. Does it move smoothly? Does it bind or jam up? How much effort does it take to zip or unzip the Ovo Nfl Varsity Jacket? These are all questions that you must ask yourself.

Considering Buckskin Or Doeskin:

Deerskin is a relatively cheap alternative for those who want to find the softest leather jacket. In spite of its great suppleness, it is as tough as you could ever want. Many are not aware of this, but the skin of a deer has a unique method of dealing with trauma. When the skin is pierced, it naturally tends to seal itself for easier healing. This is why, sometimes, a deer can take a bullet from a small-caliber gun and keep on running. Anyone who has ever followed the resulting blood trail can tell you that before long, the wound will close up and the trail will be lost. This self-sealing property illustrates the great mix of strength and flexibility that characterize deerskin. However, deerskin is generally much more vulnerable to water damage and staining.

Exotic leather types such as kangaroo and alligator are nice but tend to be very expensive. For the record, you can tell alligator and crocodile skins apart easily because crocodile skins have small dimples on each scale where the hair follicles used to be. As you might imagine, gator or croc skin is like a hard layer of armor due to the bony layers within their skin. While this will provide maximum impact protection (great for cyclists), it would be a poor choice for anyone who needs flexibility or the ability to move quickly and precisely.

The Double Rider

If you asked me to pick the type that is most associated with the leather jacket, I’d pick the double rider, and I wouldn’t be the only one. This type of leather jackets is easy to spot, since it sports an asymmetrical front zipper that’s slightly to one side and prominent snap lapels.

The Double Rider was designed as motorcycle wear, which means it’s durable and functional. That and it’s use in popular culture has led to this type of leather jacket being the most rebellious, edgy choice. Arnold Schwarzenegger wore one of these as the titular character in the “Terminator” movie series, and numerous music stars have also chosen these casual jackets for men

Despite the edginess, this is a versatile type of Tommy Bahama Rocker Highway Leather Jacket . It can instantly elevate a casual outfit or make dressier clothes, such as a long-sleeve button-up, a bit cooler. You probably wouldn’t wear this to a job interview, unless the job was at a biker bar, but other than that you can find plenty of ways to match a Double.

Other Types of Leather Jackets

The four options listed about are the most popular leather jacket types, but there are others available. These other types can vary in popularity depending on the current trends.

The leather peacoat was a popular choice for a few years. These only work with dressy outfits and not as casual wear. It’s usually better to go with a standard wool peacoat, which is more versatile.

The Varsity jacket is popular among the younger crowd, although these often aren’t all leather. They can work well as casual wear, but not in professional settings.

The “Matrix” movies made the leather trench coat somewhat popular. That being said, these are definitely a fashion statement and don’t work as casual or professional wear. If you want to stand out, you’re probably better off with a FortuneJackets.

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