What is HUID Number and its Benefits? 

HUID Number

Just like the roll number is allotted to every student in the class, the HUID(Hallmark Unique Identification Number) is a unique code for every piece of gold jewellery. HUID number contain a few unique factors. One of the factors is state-specific letters; another factor is unique serial numbers. Year-related digits are also a unique part of the HUID number. HUID number ensures the purity of your gold jewellery. 

For HUID hallmarking registration, it is necessary to complete the several steps defined by the Bureau of Standards (BIS). The Hallmark scheme for hallmarking of jewellery was started by BIS in 2000. Let’s understand what are the benefits of the HUID number. 

  1. Purity of the Jewellery 

The HUID number guarantees purity, it also shows a symbol of trust and transparency. With the help of the HUID number, a consumer can trust the manufacturer and its product. Not only this, it is the unique factor that also commits the consumer to the purity of gold jewellery.  

  1. Strengthening the Credibility of Jewellery 

The HUID number helps strengthen the credibility of jewellery. With its unique identification for each piece of jewellery, your consumers can clear up their doubts related to the quality of jewellery.  The HUID number increases the confidence of your consumers in your jewellery. This number gives a unique identity to jewellery and this can help consumers to address the complaints regarding the purity of hallmarking. 

  1. Improves the Brand Image of Jewellery 

Jewellery brands that have a HUID number gain a unique brand identity.  The HUID number becomes a powerful tool and keeps your brand’s jewellery ahead of your competitors. This not only adds value to your brand image but also enhances the jewellery identity in the eyes of consumers. 

  1. Consumers can Make Informed Choices

With the help of the HUID number, consumers can make informed choices. This number builds a long-lasting relationship with the brand and consumers. The HUID number is a necessary tool that empowers consumers’ decisions. The HUID number protects and safeguards consumers’ rights and enhances their trust in purchasing your brand jewellery. 

  1. Protect Consumers from Buying Fake Jewellery 

HUID number is a shield against fake threats. Several consumers don’t know about HUID numbers and they buy fake gold jewellery. HUID number protects consumers from buying fake jewelry and ensures that they purchase the right piece of jewellery that holds purity and quality. 


HUID number helps increase consumer trust in your brand and plays a crucial role in gold jewellery. A 6-digit HUID number contains a unique serial number, Year-related digits, and state-specific letters. The Hallmark scheme for hallmarking of jewellery was started by BIS(Bureau of Standards) in 2000. HUID number helps the consumer to understand the purity and quality of gold jewellery. Not only this, but it also helps strengthen the unique identity of gold jewellery. 

This helps consumers to file complaints regarding the purity of jewellery if they do not find a HUID number in gold jewellery. This number also increases brand identity and attracts consumers to buy the gold product of that specific brand which has a HUID number. It also protects consumers from buying fake gold jewellery, safeguards their rights, and enhances their trust in purchasing hallmarked jewellery. 

With the help of the HUID number, consumers can make the right choice while buying gold jewellery. Manufacturers must take a step for HUID hallmarking of gold jewellery.  The HUID hallmarking certification consultant helps during the whole process of HUID registration and can make this path easier for manufacturers. 

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