Which one should you choose: Physical Queues or Virtual Queues?

A physical queue is a group of people waiting for their turn, either in a salon, clothing store, an airport, a restaurant, or anywhere, and expecting to serve at once. Customers may not see a queue because certain restaurants ask them to check-in and then sit or stand in a specified (or undefined) waiting area.

Whereas a virtual customer queue places individuals in line, but it does not require customers to wait in a specific location. The queue system helps businesses in managing the customer flow and their check-in.

It is a reality that queuing management systems may go unnoticed by organizations and other consumer businesses. After all, does it matter if clients are eager to buy if they have to queue?

Yes, it is more important than ever before in the pandemic economy. A protracted, ineffective, and inconvenient wait accomplishes neither of these objectives.

Hybrid queues vs Virtual queues

The customer could be in physical queues or virtual queues. Take an example of the physical customer queue, whenever a customer visits a bank or any financial institution to open an account. For this, they need to sign the paper and mention some crucial information. Once they fill in the required info, they get in a queue.

Alternatively, if a customer enters their information without coming to the bank premises and enters in a virtual queue, it is due to the queue system. When the demand for a service is more than the capacity to supply, long queues are inevitable.

It’s a fact that a person spends around 5 years in the waiting line, so this needs to be cut down, or uplifting the waiting experience of the visitor is required. There is a need for a virtual queue management system software to eliminate the physical customer queue.

Reasons to Choose Virtual Customer Queue System

Nowadays, everyone wants a smooth and quick experience while opting for any service. The same goes for the companies as they want to give the best service experience to their customers. There are immense benefits of choosing the Virtual or QR queue system.

Check reasons why we need to choose a virtual customer queue system instead of a traditional queue:

Physical queues also known as unstructured queues can annoy customers at peak hours due to the wrong direction of the customer moving in a waiting line. It will get tough to stand in such a line due to overcrowding.
In physical customer queues, there are many instances where you will see a confrontation among the visitors. It will not leave a good image of the brand among the other visitors.
In unstructured queues, more and more people try to break the line and get themselves pushed to the top of the waiting line. This will hamper the norms of social distancing and can lead to the risk of spreading the virus.
A long customer queue can result in dissatisfaction among the customers. It is a reality that customers standing in a long queue have a lesser chance of returning to your business. Whereas, digital customer queue will spend relatively more time and return to you for the services.

Now we get a clear picture that a virtual queue management system aka QR Queue System is beneficial for both customers and businesses.

What Elements make the best Virtual Queue Management System

Well, there is no doubt that Virtual queuing systems are gaining popularity in the current environment due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

It will help to make the virtual customer line instead of putting your customer in a physical queue. This means that visitors can join the waiting line using the queue system either on their mobile phones or using the kiosk placed at the store. It will send the notification to return to the store once their turn is about to come.

Great-designed & well- developed queue software will overcome challenges faced by businesses in physical customer queues, and given below are some of the necessary features you need to look at while purchasing it.

Offer Customisation

The queue system that offers you to make custom changes will be the perfect fit for your company. Every sector and company have their different needs, try to adopt such a virtual queue management system that will incorporate customization as per your needs. If you are unsure about their customizable feature, It is advisable to contact the queue software provider
before making any decision.

Online Feature

The most amazing feature which is ruling in the technology market is cloud computing. It allows keeping connected with the service while sitting remotely. So the same goes for the virtual queue management system. This feature will make it easier for the visitors and for the staff member who is serving the customers. It saves precious time for your customers and makes them spend more time browsing for other services.

Support Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time data helps businesses to keep a check on the visitor’s inflow at their premises. Using the data, you can easily manage the customer queue and eliminate the risk of customer dissatisfaction with your brand. Through this solution, you can allocate the right amount of staff and also review the staff efficiency.

Customer Feedback System

The primary role of the queue software is to implement virtual customer queues instead of physical queues in an efficient manner. Businesses would be directly benefited from this system to improve customer experience. Despite spending more on this system, how will you that you are moving in the right direction? Here, the customer feedback feature comes in handy to review if there is a need for any change or not.

A good virtual queue management system must have a customer feedback option which will become a great tool for analyzing customer feedback.


Talking about the benefits of today’s business from the customer perspective, they need to focus on reducing the customer waiting time. It’s nearly unlikely to avoid breaking safe distance rules when there’s a crowd or a long physical line. Impatient customers will bump into one other and press closer to the front of the line. This raises the possibility of several customers (and employees) being exposed to asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers, getting into fights, being unable to enter the store, and so on.

A virtual customer queue digital is a straightforward resolution to all of these problems affected by customer queues.

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