Why Screen Printing Is The Future Of Clothing Design

Screen printing is a popular method of fabric printing that produces a vibrant and tactile surface on a sheet of fabric. The process involves ironing ink onto a surface, creating a picture, image, or pattern on a piece of fabric.

There are two main types of screen printing: computer and inkjet.

Computer screen printing can create prints in a range of sizes, while inkjet screen printing produces smaller, more intricate prints. There are a number of benefits to screening printing which makes it a very popular choice in the fashion industry.

Screen printing uses less energy to operate than conventional printing processes. Prints are very durable and can last for hundreds of years. Screen printing doesn’t use any glue and therefore no spray adhesive is needed. In addition to making prints, screen printing is also a multi-layered process.

How does Screen Printing work?

To get a deeper understanding of how we use screens in the clothing industry, let’s look at a few examples.

Footwear: In the early era, to print an image on a leather shoe, I would take a photograph of the shoe and then move it around with Photoshop and piece it together on the computer.

The image I was trying to create would be inked onto the shoe and left for a couple of days, being repeatedly sprayed and blended, until a form would appear.

The problem with this method is that in order to get a smooth look and fit the leather, it would often need to work with 3-4 different designs. This was a labor-intensive and expensive process, which meant it was often abandoned.

How Screen Printing Will Shape It?

Screen printing has been around for thousands of years but it’s only in the last 10 to 15 years that it has become a mainstream method of manufacturing apparel.

Much like that other classic industrial method, the switch to computer-aided design (CAD), t shirt screen printing started off in the production of toys for children and slowly transitioned to a more elaborate manufacturing process used by the fashion industry.

For those who don’t know, screen printing is a very simple, yet very effective manufacturing process used to create images on clothing.

Why you should consider screen printing?

The alteration in the fashion industry is due to the exceeding demand for customized t-shirts in the market. Whether it is about the group of friends who are going on the trek or some old friends who are planning for any reunion or you are planning to attend any corporate or personal event.

There is one thing to ensure that the printed customized t-shirts for all the people who attended the event. From the time, the technologies have been evolved and screen printing has evolved to some great ones.

Now there are many advanced printing methods that serve as a replacement in traditional printing techniques.

If you have any plans of getting a huge order of customized t-shirts for your friends, employees, or family, you should always get the design from the best printing method.

Do research on which methods are popular as well as beneficial, only then go with the t-shirt printing technique.

Is screen printing well for bulk? 

If you are planning for bulk orders, there are generally 2 types of methods that can be used – screen printing and digital printing. We will talk about screen printing here!

The method of screen printing can be done with the help of a stencil which is made as per the picked design and further used for numerous t-shirts by utilizing different colors and gradients. You only have to spend money on the stencil in the screen printing method.

Once it gets ready, you are allowed to print any number of t-shirts without paying any extra costs. It is considered the most economic and attested printing method.

If you are not still convinced of using screen printing, here are some more benefits explained which will give you clear ideas about the advantages. Talking about the features of screen printing, it makes use of a stencil on the fabric.

The ink however does not get soaked on the fabric and stays on the top instead. Moreover, if you want to print a whole logo on the customized t-shirts for the company, screen printing is considered the best method for this task instead of digital t-shirt printing.

Screen printing allows you to print any kind of shapes, typography, and other things on the fabric, and that too of the best quality.

Worried about the cost? All this can be done at a very reasonable rate and is considered the convenient method for bulk orders. Screen printing is seen to be the most popular and best method to get customized apparel for any casual or business event.

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