12 Gift Ideas for Your Kids’ Birthday

Gift Ideas

Kids and their never ending requests to get new items. Buying gifts for kids is easy yet hard. They love everything but also get bored of them pretty quickly. This might seem to confuse many parents as to how to make their kids happy but the truth is it’s just the nature of child to get bored of one thing and find excitement in another. This does not mean all the gifts are worthless as you bought them previously but to get hooked on something new each day is how they are wired.

But this doesn’t mean you cannot find the perfect gift for them. Yes when it comes to gift there is the word perfect gift, only if you choose the gift wisely. This article will cover some of the best gift ideas for their kids that they will cherish and use them for a long time.

Cricket Set

If they love being an athlete then this is the greatest news for you. There is nothing better than getting your kids indulged in physical healthy activities. Engaging kids in healthy activities ensures they are growing well and also their tiny bodies are remaining fit. And for young boys and even girls, gifting something as a cricket kit will make them happy beyond measure. Maybe all the siblings can play together and have some fun.

A Pool

For summer time, there is no better gift than a pool. Get them an inflatable pool and let them have their fun. Sure, you won’t be worrying about them what they are doing while you are busy with the chores and other work. A tiny pool is also a gift that they can use for years to come and let’s be honest, we have seen kids in pool. Aren’t they just the happiest?


Board are fun and also a great way to engage their mind into something meaningful. Let them have their fun and also enjoy . Get them board such as puzzles or tiny classic so they can sit together and have some time with their friends.

Colorful Books

Another great way to learn and have fun. Especially for young babies who are growing up trying to imitate you in many ways? There is no better time to indulge them in healthy activities such as reading or maybe just a little fun with colorful books. At this age, all children adore books, especially those that are bold and colorful. Children will like tactile books that they can touch, stroke, and feel as they approach their first birthday. To ensure that your present is distinctive, avoid the very popular options.

Get Them Cute Outfits

While the birthday boy or girl may not be grateful, choosing out some clothes for the parents might be beneficial, and many children under the age of one will be overwhelmed with toys. However, if you don’t know the child, stick to the basics like sleep suits rather than attempting to estimate the parent’s fashion taste.

Customized Shirts

Are they too drawn to else from frozen or maybe love Olaf? Mickey mouse could still be their favorite or maybe they are still hooked to ben 10. Either way, each kid has a favorite cartoon character that they love the most. And years after years they dwell in the dream of meeting their fictional character for real. If your child also desires the same then here is an idea.

Get them a customized t shirt with their favorite cartoon character. You can get many stores to customize different t-shirt but one of the top choices is the Disney shipping coupon so you get exempted from shipping charges too.

Bath Toys

Even if kids already have a lot of bath toys, they are the types of products that parents replace frequently because they get moldy over time. Rubber ducks, pouring glasses, and water cascades are all good choices. This will make their bath time much more fun and also will help them enjoy the time they hate the most.

Kinetic Sand

From making sand castles at beach to finding every opportunity to get crafty kids love sands. That being said, sand is a favorite of small children, but not so much of their parents. Sand can be shaped into sandcastles and flows through the fingers like conventional sand, yet it never dries up and is easy to clean up because it’s covered with oil. As some kinetic sand is swept into the bin, the amount of kinetic sand available decreases with time, thus topping up their supply is a smart idea.

Monkey Bars

If they love to climb on your shoulders it’s about time you let them fulfill their wishes. Not by compromising your shoulder but we have another great solution. Every youngster needs a fantastic set of monkey bars, and with a good set-up in the backyard, no excursions to the playground are necessary.

This self-supporting climbing structure doesn’t require a cement basis and can reach a height of up to five feet, six inches, depending on the size you choose. Your kids will love getting all the way to the top and then coming back down to have some fun all over again. Wouldn’t you love seeing them involved in some fun activity?

Jig Saw Puzzles

Look for wooden sets that require children to place photos into the correct form, as well as simple 6-9 piece sets. We all know someone who owns a jig saw with a lost piece, and your kind gift can now be used to replace it.

Vocabulary Builder by Thankful

There’s no reason why kids can’t have a good time while learning. The ideal birthday gifts for kids are educational toys that will keep them occupied for hours while also stimulating their minds and bodies. Up to six prekindergarten to second-grade children can play a Bingo-style , which can help them recognize important words. It’s great for future word nerds, and it won ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids Award.

Dress Up Sets

Give them a present that will spark their imagination! It’s an excellent idea to add to their dressing up box at this age because youngsters go through more costume changes than Superman in a typical day.

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