Best Practices for installation of Advertising Hoardings

The world of marketing has changed drastically over the past two decades. With the internet growing in popularity day by day, the marketing industry has moved online as well. In today’s world, online marketing has taken over the major share of marketing budgets of most businesses, small and large. That is why when it comes to advertising, outdoor marketing options have to be redefined. One of these outdoor advertising options includes advertisement hoardings. hoarding construction is one of the major services offered by advertising printing services.

You might have seen a creative advertisement hoarding at least once in your life. These will make a lasting impact on the viewers’ minds. But do not generalise hoarding printing as only a marketing technique. These can also include other information as well. One of the major places hoardings are seen is at construction sites.

Why use hoardings at Construction Sites?

Hoarding panels are mainly used to cover the ongoing construction work and are usually left blank. These panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from different materials too. For example, the Foamex boards are PVC sheets of superior quality that are guaranteed to stand the test of adverse weather. Similarly, there are hoardings made of wood, steel, and other PVC materials and are commonly customised as per the user’s needs.

Marketing and Advertising

As you have already seen, most sites leave the surface of these hoardings as blank without utilising the marketing potential. The hoardings can be used to market the ongoing construction by adding interesting graphics and images to the advertisement. For a construction company, they need to research the location where the hoarding needs to be placed. The advertisement must stay relevant under the present circumstances and must relate to its brand. You can also add contact information to these so that the viewer can easily get back to you with queries, which are a fast way to get new buyers for the plot.

Another way is to sell these hoarding panels to third-party businesses in the locality. Hoardings made of 5mm Foamex panels can be leased to businesses in the neighborhood so that they can market their own brands. This can bring back a significant amount that you invest in building hoardings.

One must also understand the rules and regulations of placing a hoarding in a locality before starting with the design processes. Local authorities may place restrictions on these advertising panels to make sure the locality is not crowded with marketing boards. So try to go for a minimal design that is legal and without compromising visual attraction.

Protection and Security

If you want to keep the construction process under wraps and not want to show too much to the public, then hoardings are one of the best choices to do just that. These serve as a temporary wall around the property so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on constructing walls. The material used, be it 3mm foamex, timber, or steel, is very cost-effective compared to the concrete that is needed to build walls. Apart from that, they are easy to install and move around if needed. Another major advantage is that these are sustainable, as they can be removed after use and can be easily installed at another construction site.

Hoarding construction is also used to keep intruders and other members of the public out. There are a lot of instances where people get hurt because of accidents like falling debris and tools. This can be harmful to both human beings and can also add to financial troubles. By consulting a hoarding printing unit, safety signs can also be printed on the surface to keep the workers and other personnel alert all the time.

Common Materials used for Hoarding Printing

Timber Hoarding

This is usually used to secure the perimeters of demolition and construction sites and acts as a long-term option. These can be mostly free-standing structures, but those are usually more prone to falling down under severe wins or force. Then there is the option of using in-ground timber panels which can be either secured using concrete or blocks of concrete as well. These are not environment friendly and reusability is very low as they can get damaged under outdoor elements.

Steel Hoardings

The major advantage of steel hoarding printing over the timber variants is that these are both more durable and fire-resistant. Unless a significant external force is applied, these will not get physically damaged. They are strong and environment friendly, which makes them a great reusable option.


Even though we have discussed only hoardings used at construction sites, there are many other places where these can be employed. Many businesses have already installed marketing hoardings near roadsides and other public places. These are one of the best printed marketing solutions to get more reach with your marketing campaigns. Installing hoarding panels at places with high public traffic can attract more eyeballs which are likely to convert into future customers.

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