Best things to do in New York City

Have you already planned to book flights to NYC and return flights to India from NYC? Or are looking for the best experiences to experience in New York City to encourage you to book them? Find the best things to do in New York City with us and plan your travel itinerary.

New York is a big and diverse place filled with a lifetime of lively, happy, and joyful experiences. The city has so much to offer that may say that you will feel a lifetime short to experience them all. And thus, many travelers get overwhelmed while deciding what should they do on their NYC trip. If you are also facing the same confusion, you can get the right information by reading this article. Because this article is a proper guidebook on the best things to do in New York City.

Let’s know the best things to do in New York City

A walk through Central Park

New York city’s crowd can be overwhelming for visitors and thus it is important to step off a little. And walks through Central Park is the best way to find peace and calm in the busy city. Probably the most popular park of NYC, Central Park covers 693 acres of land and has luscious greens. This place has everything from man-made gardens to forests and rolling hillsides. Thus, there are hardly any experiences any nature lover can’t experience here.

Further, if you walk down every path of the Central walk you will end up walking 58 miles in total. Along the way, you pass fountains, monuments, bridges, and 21 playgrounds having swings.

Embrace Art at the Whitney Museum of American Art

You probably would have heard the name of this famous American museum celebrating great art pieces. Acquiring 50,000 sq feet of indoor galleries carrying the work of many world-famous artisans. Just say a name and you will find his work here including the works of Jan Michel Asquint. Other big names whose art pieces you can explore here include Richard Avedon and Alexander Calder.

This popular space also holds 4 outdoor exhibition spaces along with terraces along with a restaurant and bar. The ground floor of this museum houses Danny Meyer one of the most popular restaurants in NYC. Thus, make your flight ticket reservation to NYC as soon as possible to explore this gorgeous city.

Shop at Smargasburg Williamsburg

Well, if you have always wanted to post an Instagram post featuring you drinking pineapples, it is possible in NYC. And the place where you can enjoy these experiences includes Smargasburg Williamsburg. This place is a gorgeous food market then is boasting at least 100 local vendors attracting travelers.

This market is an outdoor NYC market that attracts tens of thousands of shoppers every weekend. It is hosted between April to October at Prospect Park. Visit from stall to stall selling the fresh farm produce to aesthetic furniture. Also, don’t forget to explore the restaurants and local cafes and stop there to grab a bite.

Enjoy the skyline views at Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Manhattan is one of the most happening places to visit in NYC city standing beside the banks of a river. And Brookly Heights is one of the top places to explore in the city filled with fun activities. Here, you can hop, skip, and grab a bite along with many other magical experiences. Providing the best views of the American skyline, this place shares the most scenic beauty in America.

There are many best places to explore in the city including the footbridge that further goes down to the piers. Boasting the best neighborhood, this place is also the home to New York Transit Museum and Sardinian restaurant.

Take a train from the Grand Central Terminal

Not only the busiest railway station of NYC, but this railway station is also one of the grandest. Standing here since the time taking a train ride was a luxurious thing. Planning a window into old New York this place is perfect to take a train ride.

Further, if you are planning a trip that doesn’t include interchanging cities then don’t visit there during rush hours. Also, don’t forget to take your time to acknowledge the grand structure of the railway station. And if you love to explore New York then grab a window seat to enjoy excellent views.

Pay respects at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum

No matter if you are new or not you must be aware of 9/11. And thus, visiting the 9/11 memorial and museum is a must. The starting of the museum starts with a ground formation which earlier was the foundation of the Twin Towers.

This museum enjoys a masterful balance while depicting many stories. Further, it is one of the grandest museums in New York City. Moreover, the museum homes the enormity of loss including both physical and mental losses.

Take a trip to Coney Island

Having a high reputation among the best tourist spots in NYC this island is a must-visit place. Further, the island is famous as a circus worth tourist trap attracting tourists from all over the world. However, this place enjoys its own aesthetic and is the home to many worldly charms of this American city.

Moreover, if you are a foodie by soul then the food here especially pizza will satisfy your cravings. This island is a great place to enjoy the best seafood, drinks, and eat a lot of ice creams. Further, the island houses an amusement park offering amazing rides to visitors with joyous memories.

Read the history at the Morgan Library & Museum

A place for every book collector and lover, this library & museum is a perfect space to visit in NYC. Further, this place plays many roles in America including library/landmark/historic site/venue. Inside this multi-dimensional space with a serene aesthetic lies the perfect heaven for book lovers, a library.

Moreover, you can also find interesting historical artifacts and paintings here sharing amazing stories. Thus, no matter if you are into arts, books, or history this plane is an ideal visit for you to New York City.

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