Custom Cookie Boxes- Best Option to Increase the Life of Cookies

The aroma of cookies is the best mood changer and eradicates your minor hunger in seconds.  No matter if you sell your cookies online or have your own bakery. The packaging is the common factor in both selling options. Before designing your custom cookie boxes, you need to get info on how it works for the protection of cookies.

How Do Custom Cookie Boxes Work to Protect Your Cookies?

Custom cookie packaging provides strong walls to your cookies as compared to premade boxes. Premade boxes make from low-quality material and do not have any clearance for toxin-free food packaging material. On the other hand, custom cookie boxes are durable and long-lasting to protect your cookies from destruction. Let see how these boxes play their role in increasing the life of scrumptious cookies for your end-users.

Use Approved Cardstock for Cookies Box 

The first benefit of customized cookie packaging for your cookies is to use harmless cardstock to pack your cookies. As we know, when we buy premade and stock cookie boxes, we have no choice to pick the cookie box material as per our choices. On the other hand, when you opt for customized solutions, you can ask your packaging supplier to show their FSC (Forest Steward Council) certificate for using toxin-less cardstock to produce the cookie box. It also tells the brand to use hygienic packaging material to pack food inside the box. On this subject, you can consume cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated cardstock for your cookie boxes.

Airtight Boxes to Protect Your Cookies 

Custom cookie packaging boxes are airtight to protect your cookies from soggy effects. The air makes our bakery or baked goods soggy or mushy. And, when your customers pick your cookies for enjoying purpose, they don’t get their fresh taste. So, you choose strong and protective cookie boxes to pack your baked items in airtight packaging. For this purpose, you can use bioplastic bags and pouches as primary cookie packaging then pack them in the secondary packaging boxes. Here are some enthralling styles that you can pick for cookie boxes.

  • Drawer boxes
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom box
  • Pillow shaped boxes
  • Handle box
  • Cylindrical boxes
  • Seal end boxes

Fence Partitions and Dividers to Save Cookies from Collusion 

When bakeries sell their cookies in large quantities, then it creates a big problem for them how they pack safely. So, the use of dividers and fence partitions is the perfect option for your custom cookie box. It serves two purposes one, it protects your cookies from collapsing and collusion effect. The other one is to add beauty to your cookie packaging. You can choose cardboard and Kraft fence partitions and dividers as per your budget

Rigid Cookie Box Best to Build Secure Walls 

The use of rigid boxes is best for cookie gift boxes, and it provides strong walls to your products that protect them from damage. Add to this rigid cardstock made from compressing the four and five layers of Kraft and cardboard material. If we comprise cardboard layers, then it is called rigid cardboard material. On the other hand, when we comprise the layers of Kraft, it is called Kraft rigid material. Both are used to pack products, so you can pick one as per your budget. Plus, the insertion of embellishments likewise, hemp rope, tapes, ribbons, and flowers make it more adorable.

Corrugated Cookie Boxes for the Shipment of Cookies 

Corrugated is the heavy-duty cardstock that consists of zigzag flutes. These flutes decide the durability of your boxes, so the use of corrugated material for cookie shipping boxes is perfect that protect transportation.

Bubble Wrapping of your Cookie Box in Shipping 

If your cookie business is online and you ship your cookies to the customer’s doorstep protectively, you can use bubble sheet wrappers. These sheets have small countless airtight pockets on PVC plastic that protect your primary cookie packaging from de-shaping and tearing. So, you must wrap bubble wrap around your cookie boxes in shipment. Also, it has a positive impact on the customer’s mind when they unbox their favorite cookie package.

Where Do You Find Premium Quality Cookie Boxes?

If you want such protective cookie boxes that enrich the quality of packing your cookies, you must search online. Plus, you can concern with your friends and circles to know which brands offer preeminent packaging boxes for you. And last but not least, you must read the testimonials and reviews of previous customers of this brand. It helps you to make the appropriate decisions regarding cookie packaging for your brand growth. So, you can easily order enticing and custom cookie boxes online.

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