Everything You Need to Know About Dental Braces

Dental Braces

The smile of a Dental Braces person has a direct connection to his self-confidence. The better the smile, the higher the self-confidence and vice versa. However, if you are bothered with the misalignment of your teeth or have been suffering from crooked teeth right from your childhood, then, you have come to the right place.

If you have been struggling to smile in front of the public right from your childhood due to crooked teeth, proper dental braces can help you. In this blog, we will discuss about the dental brace, the different types of braces, their benefits, dental brace fitting procedure, and aftercare. So, before consulting with the Turkey dental center, let’s dive into the sea of information about dental brace.

What are dental brace?

Also known as a retainer, dental brace are tools that help to reduce and correct the problems in your teeth. Some of the errors that can be corrected via dental brace include teeth crookedness or misalignment of teeth. Although one will find dental braces majorly in children, however, retainers can also be worn by adults, provided the dentist deems them fit for him.

After the braces are worn, the crooked teeth gradually start getting straightened. Therefore, after a considerable amount of time, you will notice that you can bite your food normally as the teeth will get aligned by then. Generally, braces are made up of wires and metal that are attached to the surface of teeth. The measurement of the braces differs from person to person. The bracket or the braces are affixed to the surface of each tooth and the wires attached to them help them to move the tooth or teeth to the new and corrected position.

How do braces work in adults and children?

To meet the needs of the patients, braces are tailored or customized. Some factors determine the dental brace of a person. These factors include the age of the person, the structure of the tooth, the jaw structure, and oral health as a whole. Indeed, dental brace perform the same function for both adults and children. However, there is a slight difference. While the dental braces for a child will take less time to make the corrections, for an adult, the time taken will be a bit longer. This is because the jawbones of the children are much softer than that of the adults.

Since wearing braces may make you feel uncomfortable initially, the tightening of the wires can ease the process. Now that you have already understood the working of dental brace, it is time to learn about their components.

  1. Dental brace bracket

These are square-shaped metal or ceramic teeth brackets that are used at the center of each tooth and sometimes customized for the benefit of the oral treatment.

  1. Dental braces elastic ligature

The brackets are encircled with these rubber-like components known as the dental brace elastic ligature. The purpose of these dental brace elastic ligatures is to help each tooth get into its right position. To make the braces look interesting, you will come across the dental brace elastic ligatures of a variety of sizes and colors.

  1. Dental braces rubber band

While the elastic ligatures are attached horizontally, the dental braces rubber bands are affixed vertically. For the better realignment of the jaw, these rubber bands hold both the lower and upper jaw together. One of the drawbacks of these rubber bands is they need to be fixed and removed regularly.

  1. Dental braces archwire

Each bracket is separated through these dental brace arch wire. It is through these arch wires that pressure is created on the teeth that help them to move to their new position.

  1. Dental braces coil

The coil springs prevent the teeth from getting overlapped. However, every patient with a teeth misalignment problem does not need to put on coils. People suffering from overlapped teeth need to separate them through these dental brace coils.

Types of dental braces

When adults wear metal braces, they prefer choosing those that are less visible. While for children, the durability of the braces count. When it comes to metal dental braces, here are a few options that you have in hand:

  • Traditional metal teeth braces

The most common and affordable option for dental braces is these traditional metal teeth braces. They help to solve a number of oral problems like misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, jaw alignment problems, and crowded teeth. With time, the dentist may have to make some changes in the traditional metal teeth braces to change the position of the jaw or teeth.

  • Clear teeth brace

The function of traditional braces and clear teeth braces are the same. The only difference is that clear teeth braces appear invisible. Therefore, people who have problems showing their braces or are reluctant to show them can use the clear teeth braces. Not only does it make them less noticeable, but also the rubber bands are clear. Such dental braces are a great choice for older teens and adults.

  • Headgear and dental brace

If the condition of the teeth is a serious one, the dental headgear works wonders. Generally, the problems that can be corrected through dental headgears include overjet, crossbite, underbite, and open bite. The primary condition of using dental headgears is to use them with braces and never without them.

  • Lingual dental braces

Although the lingual dental brace are an uncommon option, they are equally effective as the others. In these dental brace, the wires are fixed behind the teeth, unlike other braces discussed above, where, the dental wires are attached right to the front portion of the teeth. Therefore, these braces are less visible.

  • Clear aligner teeth braces

If you are looking for a modern solution to your teeth misalignment, these clear aligned teeth braces are here for you. One can wear an aligned for 22 hours and continue this for at least three weeks to see the results.


Now that you are aware of dental braces and their different types, it is your turn. Get your teeth fixed by wearing the best dental brace from the Turkey dental center. The cost of dental brace depends on the treatment that one has to undergo. But the dental centers of Turkey offer an affordable solution.

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