Everything you should know about electrical cookers

Electrical cookers aren’t a particularly new technology, but newer designs have been perfected for both efficiency and aesthetics, which makes them more suited for modern kitchens than gas cookers. While older cookers were less reliable for everyday use and often caused electrical issues long-term, more recent variations are built with durability in mind. to that end, not only are the material used in manufacturing have been improved, but safety modules have been upgraded as well. If you choose to hire a professional electrician for your cooker installation, an RCD unit can be installed on the circuit that supports the electrical cooker. An expert can also take into account other electrical safety factors such as adequate distance from water faucets before installation. if you want to install the electrical cooker yourself, you might miss these issues and suffer the consequences later.

Is it safe to install an electric cooker next to my sink?

While a professional installation is less prone to be damaged by splashing water, regulations mandate that the electric unit should not be installed within a minimum of 30 centimetres from a water faucet or sink. Even with a safe installation, exposing the switches and the sockets to splashes of water is a recipe for disaster, which you don’t want to make with your new cooker.

Electric cookers are more efficient than gas hubs

The efficiency of electric heating devices surpasses gas-powered solutions in every scenario. In gas cookers, the heat it provides is a lot less precise compared to the contact conduction of electrical cookers. In addition, the elements are more stable than gas hubs, since the pressure of the gas hub sometimes varies especially if you’re using a gas cylinder to power the cooker. The electric cookers don’t heat up the kitchen either, something that gas cookers are guilty of, which can make your kitchen a living hell during hot summer days.

A cleaner alternative to fossil fuels

As we all know, burning fossil fuel is getting us nowhere because of its inefficiency, and it’s destroying the planet as well. In the same manner, burning combustible gas in your kitchen can destroy the interior decorating in the long run. Not to mention the risk of instant combustion or similar incidents that can potentially destroy your property and neighbouring houses.

Electrical cookers pose no such risks, and there is no soot to worry about, something that gas stoves produce. It’s a layer of chemicals that are the byproduct of burning gas.

Electrical cooker energy consumption

the energy demands of electrical cookers vary greatly based on the size and heating technology, ranging from 13 amps to 32 amps in more power-hungry models for larger kitchens. Smaller ovens, also referred to as plug-in models are powered by 13 amps plugs, which can be plugged into domestic outlets and require no change in the circuit board. However, heavier models with a demand of more than 3 kW up to 15 kW require an additional circuit breaker to avoid interference with other electrical appliances. Installing a heavy-duty electric cooker with no supervision and attention to the fuse board’s allowed amperage can lead to an overload.

Tips for selecting a proper location for the electric cooker

  • The unit must be at least thirty centimetres from running water and walls, wallpapers and splashbacks, fridges and other heat-sensitive appliances and fixtures in the kitchen.
  • It should not be directly below a window or air passage, as the flow of air may disturb the heating process and lower the efficiency of the unit
  • Choose a spot with a dedicated power outlet, do not share the same outlet between your electrical appliances, as it can damage the outlet in long term and cause discolouration in the wiring and covers, or cause worse accidents like electrical fires
  • Consider the lighting above the electrical cooker, you don’t want to cook in the dark. If there are no proper lights in the optimal installation area, EWL electricians can install bespoke kitchen lighting with LED lights that can illuminate the cooker efficiently, considering the electrical consumption of the cooker.
  • Install a short-circuit safety switch, also known as a double-pole isolation switch. it isolates the electrical appliance from the house’s electrical current in the event of a short circuit, making it safe for maintenance and replacement.

Electrical Regulations for Electric Cooker Installation

Installing an electric cooker needs no specific supervision, especially for home use. however, most models require an additional circuit to be added to your consumer unit to account for the additional power demand. Modifying the consumer unit requires Part P Certification in the UK, and you can’t just add a new circuit whenever you want. This mandate is put in place for the safety of the property and owner since meddling with the fuse board without electrical expertise can be deadly and destructive. Mistakes in fuse installations can cause a multitude of electrical issues from overloads to short circuits and more.

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Experience comfort and function when you cook

Maintaining a gas stove is difficult, both in functional terms and its sanitation. Gas stoves are harder to clean because of their design, and tougher to maintain if your stove is fueled by a gas cylinder. Changing the cylinder regularly is a chore, and it’s not a very stable power source to keep in your kitchen. But once the electric cooker is installed, heating the elements is just a flip of the switch away. Cleaning the electrical cooker is easier as well since the cover above the elements is smooth with no small fixtures. You can clean spilt sauce with a simple cloth, and there is no need to dismantle anything for a thorough cleaning session like gas stoves and ovens.

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