Finding the right Vehicle Wrapping for Marketing

Vehicle wrapping

Vehicle wrapping has emerged as one of the most innovative ways to market a business. From passenger vehicles like cars to even lorries, you can get help from the vehicle wrapping services in London to get your advertisements into the public.

Even before marketers realized the potential of wraps, we commonly used them as a protective mechanism for cars and trucks. The thin films of vinyl wraps are still pretty common among car owners to prevent scratches and flaws to the original paint job. These vehicle wraps usually stay intact for five to seven years on average.

Advantage of using vehicle wraps

So you might wonder what is so special about wraps in business. Sign manufacturers are improving signage for marketing a product or service offered by a business. Vehicle marketing of all shapes and sizes will make you more money by getting you new business.

The main upper hand that vehicle signage in London has over other printed media is the ability to reach much larger audiences. The more time the vehicle stays on the road, the more eyeballs it will attract. The only effort is to make them look and that job lies entirely on the design.

Sign makers usually print vehicle wraps with bright colors which are easier to spot from a distance. These days, a lot of businesses have wrapped their commercial and passenger vehicles with their marketing slogans.

They are also the best local marketing option and have better yield compared to even online marketing. This is also a comparatively cheaper option than running an online email or social media promotional campaign.

Scope of Wrapping Vehicles

But van signage london has gathered a lot of attention from small and big business owners alike. Vinyl is one of the common materials used to create vehicle signage. Custom signage practices allow you to create advertising graphics that cover a portion of the entire vehicle itself.

Based on the area covered in the vehicle, wraps can be of three kinds. The first type is where the entire vehicle is covered with the wrap. This will add a good texture to the entire car while preserving the original paint job under the wrap. All promotional elements like logos and other graphics will go on top of this covering.

The second most used technique is to cover a portion of the vehicle. Usually, this type of wrapping is installed on two-thirds of the vehicle’s surface. The color and design of the wrap or sticker must give a consistent look to the entire vehicle.

Then there are die-cut wraps and stickers. This is where only the logos and brand names are printed out and used as stickers in particular parts of the Vehicle wrapping. Various sign printing services can easily do personalized designs for the sides and even windows of cars and other vehicles.

The full-body wrap is more suited for bigger vehicles like heavy motor vehicles, including lorries and trucks that do the heavy lifting. For cars or vans, partial wraps would look great. A die-cut wrap is a minimalistic approach to marketing and an excellent choice if you have a limited budget.

Types of Wraps

Wraps can be mainly of three types: glossy, matte, and satin, based on the finish. Glossy wraps can easily blend with the actual paintwork of the vehicle. This creates a smooth look to the car and the design on the wrap as well. If they choose the right colors for the wrap, the glossy finish will elevate the visual impact even further.

Matte wrap reduces the shiny outlook that glossy finish is known for. The surface would look more metallic and the vehicle will feel classy. It is a great option for adding a premium look and feel to the vehicle wrap design. It is available in various textures suited for different wrap designs.

The satin wrap is best suited for stickers or die-cut wraps. These are especially good at highlighting certain areas of the wrap design. The logo and brand name will look highlighted in this type of vehicle wrap finish.


Apart from vehicle wrapping, scaffolding can also be made to use for the advertisement of businesses. London’s scaffolding services can help a business realize its innovative marketing tactics with custom printed banners. Scaffolding marketing is one of the newest custom signage printing ideas. A few years ago scaffolding was just a temporary structure to help the workers to work freely and transport materials easily during construction.

Scaffolding is yet another cost-effective way to promote your business and brand. The covers can hide the temporary scaffolding rigs and also advertise your business, a partner company, or even one of your new promotional offers. Experienced sign manufacturing units can design, print, and install a banner according to your needs. A good sign printing unit can print the scaffolding cover for any shape and dimension.

Summing Up

Good van signage in London becomes successful once it gets noticed. The major factors that involve in the design are the size of the wrap, color, lettering, and other design elements. Apart from this, the brand name and logo are the usual occupants of the design. Their placement and size are very important to improve the reach of the public. The highlight should always be on either of these elements, as these are the unique identity that makes a company relatable to a potential customer.

For better communication with people, add contact information as a part of the wrap. This can include the physical address, an email id, or even the company website.

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