Fun Ideas to Keep Remote Employees Engaged During A Meeting

Remote Employees

Due to the pandemic, many companies are following remote work culture. Apart from the pandemic, the global distribution of companies has resulted in the remote location of employees.

Remote work culture sometimes becomes stressful for the team member as they feel isolated and disconnected. An online meeting has become a common way to bring all the remote employees together in one place at one time. You can also add some fun elements to the online conference to keep remote employees engaged and motivated.

In this blog, we will share some fun ideas that can keep your remote employees engaged during online meetings. So let us start our blog.

Happy Hours:

Like in your office during conferences you need some refreshment, similarly, in your online meetings, you also need some kind of refreshment. Ask all the team members to board on a video conferencing platform and start your discussions. In between the meetings you can ask your team members to get something to eat or drink. You all can also have a cup of happiness means all can have coffee together on one platform. After all, everyone needs a break whether they are working from the office or home.

Over coffee break, you can also ask your remote employees about their day and other work-related issues. Small coffee breaks or snacks break will keep your team engaged and happy during the online meeting.

Online breakout room:

One of the biggest differences between an online meeting and an in-person meeting is the chit-chat that happens between the intervals of offline meetings. To eliminate this difference you can create a virtual breakout room, where your team members can join other fellow members for chit chats, tea, coffee, lunch break, etc.

Tour of Remote Work Location:

Before or in between an online meeting you can ask for a short house tour of a remote team member over a video conferencing platform. You can also point out some interesting items in their house. It will make everybody enjoy that moment. This short tour will also help the team members to know about each other. Also, it will add a fun element to the online meeting.



Set Healthy Challenges:

To keep your remote team members engaged during the online meetings, you can set some challenges for them. A healthy challenge never hurts; keeping this in mind you can set some challenges for your team. For example, you give them the challenge of getting fit. This will enhance a feeling of competition among the team members and it will also add some fun elements to your meeting.

Show and Learn:

Everybody in this world possesses a skill that is different from the others’ skills. You can ask your remote employee to show their unique skills or talent and the rest of the team can learn from that.

You can also appreciate that talent, this will help in creating a healthy and personalized bond between you and your team members. Also, members with similar interests can interact and collaborate personally later on after the meeting. Along with a fun activity, it will help the remote members to get to know about each other’s special talents.

Surprise Entry:

To augment your online meeting you can give it a touch of surprise element and create experimental angles. You can invite guest speakers or influencers to the meeting to create a new and engaging environment. The guest can be an influencer or speaker or he can be a performer. This surprise entry will facilitate interactions and will keep your remote employee engaged throughout the session.

A Joint Meditation Session:

Mental health plays a vital role in everybody’s life, it is necessary to take care of our mental health. A meditation session could be a great idea to take care of your employee’s mental health. So before starting an online meeting or in between the online meeting you can arrange a small meditation session for your remote team. Meditation will keep your employees engaged, and also it will boost energy in every team member. A joint meditation session can do wonders for a remote team.

Provide Additional Perk:

Who doesn’t like additional benefits?

During online meetings, you can provide perks to your remote team members. For example, on completing their target, you can appreciate them and reward them. You can give them subscriptions to various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, NetFlix, Disney, HBO, etc. And you can also provide them with some coupons for shopping. All these activities will keep them engaged and hooked up to the meeting.

Online Comic Sessions:

Laughter is the best therapy; you can implement this quote in your next online meetings.

In between the online meetings, you can ask your remote team member to crack a joke, it will transform the stressful online environment into a joyful online atmosphere. Also, it will help in relieving the stress of a remote employee.

Online Icebreaker Sessions:

You can also kick off your online meeting with icebreaker questions. Asking your remote team to put some fun questions can be the best way to engage them in an online meeting. This will enhance bonding between the team members of a remote team and the member asking questions will get noticed by other members.

Right engagement tools:

Multiple networking features like live chat, polls, Quizzes Q&A, gamification, AI Matchmaking, and many more can keep your remote employees engaged during online meetings. You could choose that online platform for your meetings, which has all these features.

So these were some best fun ideas that you can use to keep your remote team engaged. As per your convenience, you can use one of the given ideas in your next online meeting.

Hopefully, these fun ideas will transform your boring lifeless online meeting into fun-filled meetings.

Your remote team will also enjoy these interactive and engaging meetings.Along with this, these ideas will keep them hooked up to the online meeting.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and try one of the above-given ideas for your next online meeting.

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