How study abroad consultation can help you with the study program?

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Being able to study abroad requires robust planning. Educational qualifications, document requirements, visas, and other legalities are some of the many things one needs to understand to make an informed decision about studying abroad. In these situations, a career counselor is a godsend. You get a wide range of choices to make from the top career counselors in Ahmedabad. We have discussed the top reasons a study abroad consultation can help you with the study abroad program: 

Help you choose the right universities 


Career Counselors interview and understand your goal in mind for studying abroad. They categorize the goals and scope for you and help you figure out your goal from it. The criteria to help you figure out your goals are around:


Experience/Education: Do you want to have a global studying experience or just focus on academics and the quality of education.


Your Major/University of choice – What are you going to specialize in 


Career Expectations – What kind of jobs


When to apply: The application process depends upon the semester you want to start from accordingly appearing for eligibility exams.


Financial aid/Self-sponsored: Whether your education and stay will be self-sponsored or on financial aid.


Plan for semester breaks: Like any University there are going to be semester breaks. One needs to choose whether to stay there and explore places/ countries around or go home for holidays. According to that decision, they need to apply for student credit cards.


Mental commitment: Studying abroad is a completely new and overwhelming experience. Far from your home country, there will be many discomforts, homesickness, and exhaustion at times. But if you look at the bigger picture of adventure, growth studying abroad would bring you. Surely studying abroad is a valuable experience to shape your future. 

For perfect finance estimation for abroad studies 


The factors according to which you choose a university counselor will help in choosing, making the most efficient budget for your study abroad based on:


Accommodation options – Whether your university is in a city or on the outskirts there won’t be much difference in living costs. Common accommodation options are Renting an apartment by you, on an on-campus dorm, and shared living in a flat.


Living conditions – It will include monthly expenses on food, travel, and miscellaneous expenses, as well as books rent and overhead payments. 


Payment options – Counselors will educate you on the exchange rate of the currency, the best payment modes, applications to use for global transfer in real time without levied additional costs and taxes.


Communication cost – Additional communication expenses may be incurred if you live outside of your own country. Even though many use numerous communication applications, they aren’t always sufficient for effective communication. Wifi is an effective and economical means for communication but one can’t always be near the reach of wifi. In that case they might have to bear the cost of expensive roaming internet fees. Here counselors will help you in understanding how to get a local sim card or a budget effective communication plan.

For the right connection to the right channels for visa 


Counselors help in:


There are different kinds of visas available; your visa kind depends on your requirement and country for the study abroad program.


Obtain confirmation from your university- Apply for a visa before traveling to the place. The candidate is advised to apply for the visa in person upon confirming the acceptance letter from the institution applied for. This information’s are communicated to you in advance by the counselors.


Prepare your application – Candidates are advised by counselors to begin the application process as soon the institution of their choice declares the exact visa and document requirements. Counselors often visit their candidate’s host country’s embassy website to stay up to date in assisting with their required visa.


To avoid having your visa revoked, ensure you provide all required information throughout the application procedure.


Visa processing might take a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of three months, depending on the country and your nationality. Counselors ensure that your application is completed thoroughly and without a rush.

Will work as your mentor and support your Document lining 


There are a bunch of documents required for a study abroad program. A counselor serves as a mentor to support your document lining. Some of the major documents for study abroad program are: 


  1. Application Form
  2. Academic transcripts 
  3. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  4. Test Scores
  5. Essays
  6. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Knowledge about the currency 


The primary issue one encounters for studying abroad is budgeting and finance. Your counselor will educate you on the currency and aspects like knowing the currency, exchange rates, and the best transaction application for real-time without any heavy taxes levied. With the abundance of information accessible, learning about exchange rates finding the best price, and comparing rates from several banks and credit card issuers is simple. Get some cash in the currency of the place you’ll be visiting. That way, you won’t have to hunt for a money exchange office right away when you arrive.




We hope these instructions give you clarity in having a study abroad consultant for your study abroad program. The process may feel overwhelming but do not worry and get in touch with study abroad consultants for necessary guidance. Now there are abundant consultation services to choose from according to your requirement. All the best!

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