Online Dating – Advice for Women – Safety and Success in Dating

The Internet is one of the most frequent places to go to find a partner, and not just for young people. Online dating has long been standard, it is contemporary and effective. But the search for a partner on the Internet (see also: Security on the Internet ) not only has advantages, there are also fraudsters and people with dangerous intentions in established dating sites. Women in particular should pay more attention to safety here, because they are particularly at risk. We explain to you how you can safely and successfully get through online dating

Find the right dating site

An important factor for your security and your success in online dating is the right dating site . Above all, check how your personal data is being handled and test the support a few times. In any case, you should read the terms and conditions, even if you usually save it. But here you can already get an insight into how user-friendly the single exchange or website is.

In any case, information about the risks of using such a dating agency should be found somewhere. This means that it must not be swept under the carpet that there may be attempts at fraud and how you can protect yourself from it or how you then behave. Keep an eye out for security tips that will protect you as a user of the website. It should also be possible to report and block users who you suspect or who bother you with inappropriate content. Of course, there should also be a customer service department that is at your side with advice and action if you have any problems or questions.

Profile development and first attempts at flirtation

Your profile should be one thing above all: filled out honestly. That is the key to a successful partner search . The reason is simple: Potential partners who match your profile information will be suggested to you. If these are not truthfully stated, you will also end up with the wrong dating partners who do not suit you at all. Nevertheless, you can of course put yourself in a good light, that’s part of the process if you want to flirt and fall in love.

A successful presentation of yourself includes:

  • high-quality, serious and meaningful photos that are easy to recognize,
  • an interesting description of your characteristics and person,
  • Your hobbies, interests and passions as well
  • Your ideas and expectations of a relationship.

Under no circumstances do you include personal data such as yours:

  • Address,
  • Phone number,
  • Mobile number or
  • Social media contact details in the profile information.

Even if this should actually be clear and is a kind of unwritten law, it must be pointed out again on the online partner search page that the disclosure of sensitive data is taboo. Usually profiles that do this are not approved at all. If a user repeatedly urges you to disclose sensitive data, you should withdraw immediately and break off contact, no matter how sympathetic they may have seemed to you before. Report this user immediately!

Security on the first date

Take your time online dating and approach partnering wisely. First exchange a few messages and get to know each other a little, you should already know a lot about your flirt partner before you actually meet him. In addition, the exchange should be a give and take, show interest in the other, but you should also have the feeling that you are interesting. If your chat partner does not reveal anything about himself, you should be careful not to agree to a face-to-face meeting. If the chemistry is right and you have a good feeling, you can meet for the first time. This takes place exclusively in a public place, never at your or the other person’s home.

Good meeting places are:

  • Restaurants,
  • Cafes,
  • Parks,
  • Cinema / theater or
  • Museums.

It is important that the area is well-populated, because that gives you security. You should also tell someone close to you about the planned meeting and the meeting point. You can also use this to arrange a control call at a specific time.

Even if the date is so nice and the dating partner is absolutely nice and personable, you go home alone on the first evening. Please do not invite him to your apartment for a cup of wine or coffee, you don’t know him well enough. Also, make sure that nobody follows you. Women may be able to arrange to meet a companion on the way home.

The right clothes on the first date

In general, it doesn’t matter what women wear, nothing justifies crossing sexual boundaries. Permissive behavior is not a free ticket and certainly not a share of the blame for women if they are raped. On the first date with someone you don’t know personally, you should still think about what to wear (see also: This is why every woman should have a leather jacket ) . Dress in such a way that you feel comfortable and do not feel too vulnerable to the gaze of the other. You should feel safe and comfortable on your first date and ultimately want to score with your inner values.

Beware of romance scamming

Countless single people have already found their absolute dream profile while online dating and saw each other at the end of their search for a partner. A fraudster then hid behind the supposed dream partner and they fell victim to so-called romance scamming . Behind the profiles that appear great are criminal organizations who pretend to be looking for love, but are actually after your money.

This is a danger that applies to men and women alike and which, unfortunately, annoy many people every year. It is all the more important to have a more secure profile and careful handling of the platform. In addition, you should never let your feelings suffer when you are told maudlin fates from which you are supposed to help the user out with your money. Nobody with good intentions asks for money before they even get to know each other. In case of doubt, safety always comes first.

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