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Let’s be very honest, all of us have wished for a lighter, sand free odorless when at the beach and never got across to find one.

With the summers just around the corner and things looking very positive to open, let us have a look at few features you should be looking for when buying a beach towel for the first time or simply looking to add to your collection. Do check out Nibbana Yoga Towels if you want to master your asanas or the amazing Somerside range for wider use

The design and feel 

A fresh feel from the towel is a must for many of people we have spoken to. Everyone wants that inspiring design which either motivates to exercise or just relax in calm waters. Our favourites are – the Aussie Dreamtime, made through collaboration with Australian Contemporary Indigenous Artist Saltwater Dreamtime and Nibbana Grip Yoga Towel which is one of the most versatile performance towel. Easily transitions to a beach, surf, travel, gym or workout towel.

The towel needs to be soft on the skin. The towel should ‘loosen up’ and become softer over time with every use and wash. It is that feeling of becoming one with the towel. A double-sided design is even better.

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Beach Towels Weight 

Who wants more weight on them or to care for when at the beach? A lightweight towel will make your trip to the beach very comfortable and maybe you can pack more if carrying weight for a bigger group. Advancements in fabric technology has enabled the manufacturing of ultra-light towels. For example, Somerside Towels weigh just 350g & compacts to the size of a water bottle. They are easy to fold and can also be used as a wrap around your body.

Some towels such as Nibbana towels come with a carry-on net which makes them extremely easy to pack as well without mixing them without your other dry clothes

Sand free and cleaning 

The most annoying part of a beach trip is carrying sand back with you to your car, to your home, to your work. Beach towels should be easy sand free, and it should be easy to shed off the sand. To do this it should be able to dry fast unlike regular cotton towels which you night use at a pool. Somerside towels, for example, dry 4 times faster than regular towels making them your perfect companion for a sand free beach trip

Towels should be odour resistant for less washing and less hassle. For the environment friendly people like us, there are loads of options where the focus is on sustainability. For example, Somerside towels are made from 85% recycled plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are made into Polyester and the remaining 15% is Nylon which provides the absorbency and softness.

Extras on Beach Towels

This is what separates good from great. Look out for some handy features such as hidden zip pockets for storing your valuables, straps to tie to mats, double sided, hooks to hang the towel, XL size available etc.

Options to buy and Price

A good quality beach towel should range anywhere between $30-70 depending on quality, size, material. Watch out for brands supporting local causes or are small businesses. Most businesses now offer multiple delivery options including free delivery limits and sign up offers. We at Nibbana support local fulfillment and all our brands are Australian brands and have a relatively very quick delivery time compared to overseas drop shipping options.

Returns and brands focussed on customer service should be also very important in your buying decision.

Hopefully this blog assists in choosing your next beach towel, feel free to drop a note on our help Centre chat if you need to.


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