Smile Remodeling Treatment for Missing Teeth

Teeth replacement is a section of various smile makeover procedures. The professionals at a reliable and the best dental clinic in Karachi might suggest a partial or complete denture for many missing teeth. They might also recommend a denture or an implant-supported bridge. However, the treatment choices for a separate missing tooth are unique and consist of a fixed bridge and an implant-supported crown.

How can you replace a missing tooth during a smile makeover?

The greatest way to discover the correct restorative treatment choices during your smile makeover is to talk about all options with an expert. To assist you in getting ready for the smile makeover discussion, we have outlined three common missing teeth procedure options:

Fixed bridges

This type of tooth replacement option replaces just a single missing tooth by attaching the replacement tooth to adjoining teeth, such as a teeth-supported bridge or adjacent dental implants. Moreover, a teeth-supported bridge is normally suggested for patients who have strong and natural teeth close to the tooth that is missing. Besides that, an implant-supported bridge might be essential if the patient has more than one tooth that has to be restored and the closest natural teeth aren’t healthy or strong enough that it can provide some support to the bridge.

Dental implants

Following fixed bridges, dental implants are another option. These are little surgical places that are positioned in the jawbone. Moreover, they also work as the source of a replacement tooth. The professional adds a dental crown to the implant for just one tooth replacement. It gives a protected hold to the tooth replacement for long-lasting endurance. On the other hand, for more than one missing teeth, the dentist may suggest getting an implant-supported bridge or a denture, which consists of more than two implants, and the positioning of a one-sided denture or a complete one as well.

Changeable partial dentures

A one-sided denture is used as a substitute for replacing one tooth or a small portion of missing teeth during the smile makeover. Detachable partial dentures are said to rest over the gums. While they are comparatively more protected and won’t come loose while worn, they can be detached. However, that is not the case with dental implants and fixed bridges; they get fixed permanently. Moreover, removable partial dentures are also the most reasonable way to replace a tooth that is missing while getting your smile makeover.

How to decide which is the best option for you?

Getting fixed bridges or dental implants are the ideal options for replacing a tooth that has been missing during your dental makeover. In the end, your preference and the expert’s suggestion decide which is the most suitable for you. However, make sure you consider the price, its durability, how it looks on your appearance, and care practice for every option when making the final decision. Besides that, your dentist might also tell you about other additional options to look for. However, it depends on the specific situation and how many teeth are in need of replacement.

Implants can be an effective and easy way to replace your missing teeth in the longer run. Moreover, there are various situations where patients might also benefit from the crowns, like when a tooth loss happens resulting from gum disease or an oral infection.

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