10 Teaching Activities to Spice Up Digital Learning

The onset of the pandemic has made school education difficult for kids. With the implementation of lockdown, schools operate in digital mode. Students often seek homework  help from experts to complete their tasks on time. For teachers, keeping students interested and proactive during online lessons is difficult. Digital learning can also be frustrating for both teachers and students.

During such challenging times, you should develop innovative teaching plans to keep the students interested. For example, you can incorporate games and other activities to create a community within an online class. Such actions will help teachers to engage with the students. On the other hand, students can also retain more knowledge through interactive courses.

  1. Utilise technology to your advantage

Online teaching has its share of challenges. During such times, don’t forget to take advantage of technologies. You have various options such as drawing tools, text editors, PowerPoint presentations etc. Teaching by using these technologies will keep the students on their toes.

You should know how to use such tools primarily. Take your time to get acquainted with it and then introduce it to the students. You can use fun rewards to captivate the attention of students.

  1. Setting goals for the students

Sometimes, students fail to follow online classes. Due to this reason, they take assignment help from professionals. You can introduce short-time goals for each lesson. For example, allocate a portion of the text for different classes. Then, at the end of every class, ask the students about the text. Reward them with virtual stars when they can answer.

After completing the entire chapter, you can take an assessment to see if the outline of the context is clear among the students. You could also use positive feedback, virtual games in between every class.

  1. Keep it interactive

Students are asked to read some text during regular classes, followed by the rest. Such activities are not possible during virtual classes. Long texts are often challenging to read over the class. Also, many students face trouble with adequate internet services.

You have to plan activities that allow students to type and talk throughout the lesson. Ask the students questions, include games in between. Make sure that the students are interacting physically in between the classes.

  1. Break down the lesson

During online classes, time management is a crucial factor. You might require to break down the lesson into several parts and teach each section differently. It is always suggested to break down longer stories and areas to make it easier.

Students may lose interest if the text is long. If you make it shorter, students will be more interested. Mix up the classes with activities like quizzes to keep the students active.

  1. Make the classroom setup more engaging.

To teach online, you need to be more creative. Taking virtual classes can be difficult for teachers as well as students. However, with a little more effort and time, you can make the online experience interesting for the students.

You can start the class by splitting the students into several teams. After each lesson, conduct questions, answer sessions with the groups. The children who can answer make them the team leaders. You can assign these teams a specific set of questions to solve as homework. This will allow them to interact and work as a team.

  1. Podcasting

Remote learning means long screen time hours. This can affect the well-being of the students. In addition, longer screen times can create visual irritations, especially in younger students. A great way to keep the students away from staring at the screens is to assign them podcasts to listen to.

This will make the students feel more energetic and balanced even after listening to it. Finally, you can give them some post-listening home tasks to ensure that they have listened to the audio carefully. Follow-up activities are essential tools to ensure students actively engage with the text.

  1. Mystery bags

Mystery bags can be associated with the text taught on that day. Teachers can ask questions and give a clue to the students. Students can unmute themselves to answer the questions or submit their answers through google sheets.

The solutions to the questions can be discussed on the following day. In addition, whoever wins the mystery bag challenge can be rewarded with virtual points.

  1. Make interactive slide shows

The slideshow presentation will attract students’ attention due to its visual creativity. Slideshows can be very effective to impart knowledge in online classes. The slides can be used to present animations, facts and essential concepts fascinatingly.

Slideshow presentations can help students learn valuable things and take knowledge in a way that is impossible in regular classes. In addition, the features of the slideshow provide the educators with the chance to create exciting home works for the students.

  1. Play trivia games

Little games will help students practice essential concepts while encouraging them to broaden their intelligence and increase their mental capabilities. These games are also competitive, which will keep the students excited.

The use of such games is highly beneficial in remote learning. It creates an engaging and collaborative environment for the students.

  1. Implement online educational games

Educational games can act as a stress reliever for students. These games are beneficial for students who suffer from loneliness and talk less. Educational games are created to elevate curriculum standards.

Games like these help students to learn from their mistakes. In addition, incorporating educational games with class activities enhances class cooperation and inspires students to learn.

Online schooling can be complicated and monotonous for students. Creating some variety in your teaching procedure can be the key to keeping the students interested to attend classes regularly.

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