An Ultimate Guide to Linux Dedicated Server- Benefits & Tips to Buy the Best


Are you looking for a reliable server to host your site? Are you confused about whether you should buy Windows dedicated server or a Linux server? If yes, refer to this guide. Get to know about the benefits of using a Linux dedicated server, why it’s better than Windows dedicated servers, and tested tips to find the best Linux dedicated server provider.

A Linux dedicated server is a web hosting server that a customer rents only for himself, with no other customers sharing the server’s resources. Linux servers have established themselves as a force to reckon with in the server realm with world-class performance. Many ecommerce companies relied on Linux dedicated server hosting to work.

In short, it’s a full-featured hosting service that boosts efficiency and supports databases. Its budget-friendly hosting solutions for small businesses. The essential requirement for a business owner is to maximize business performance. Regardless of what plans or strategies you develop, the goal is to improve corporate productivity and growth.

The tenacity and persistence of Linux servers have piqued the interest of many prospective users of the technology. According to studies, Linux technology, and operating systems power more than 90% of the world’s fastest computers. When it comes to software and hardware installations, it is the top choice for enterprises. The Linux server is one of the top dedicated servers on the market, with total ease of use and an excellent track record for increasing website traffic.

So, if you’re looking to acquire a Linux dedicated server, this article will assist you in making the best decision for your company.

Why Select a Linux Dedicated Server Over Windows

Every website needs a web server to perform and every web server needs an operating system. So, selecting the best between Windows and Linux dedicated servers is no less than a challenge. But, with the proper information and your hosting needs, you can easily decide which one will best suit your needs.

Linux is an open-source platform, it offers a wide range of freedom and compatibility. Linux hosting packages are available in several variants, including Ubuntu, Debian, and Centos. When it comes to price, Linux servers cost less than Windows, and many service providers offer the cheapest monthly subscriptions and low-cost servers. So, check the features such as configuration, uptime, speed, and all other factors tuned for optimum performance. It will help you make an informed decision whether you should buy Windows dedicated server or Linux.

Linux proves to be handy since it provides both hardware and software compatibility. Although Linux Dedicated Server may run on nearly any processor, users must opt for plans that do not skimp on RAM. Check out the next section to know more about the benefits offered by Linux servers.

Benefits of Using a Linux Dedicated Server

Linux is a powerful and efficient server operating system, and it improves performance and allows customization and extra features that give complete control. While the top three benefits of a Linux Dedicated Server are affordability, security, and reliability, and there are other advantages as well:

  • Easy user interface
  • Confidentiality
  • Control
  • Versatility
  • Open-Source Community

Is it true that every service provider provides the most excellent solution? How does one can choose the best Linux Dedicated Server when there are so many choices? Refer to the following section to find the answer.

5 Tips to Find the Best Linux Dedicated Server Provider

1.       Approach towards Security

The ideal Linux Dedicated Server provider must have a security-first approach. It ensures the highest levels of resource allocation, privacy features, and complete control over the server.  A dedicated Linux server comes with site lock, spam protection, and domain privacy features, depending on the plan you select. It suggests that it must include specific and various security aspects to safeguard website data. Further, it ensures that you have a good backup plan in the event of a cyber or malware attack.

2.       Uptime Consistency

The uptime factor is the best indicator of a server’s constancy. It evaluates a website’s performance. The information provided by the OS can use to check the uptime consistency. It contains the current time as well as the duration of the system’s operation. It also shows the number of people logged in and the system’s average load. Due to the Linux dedicated servers’ continuous performance, service providers ensure uptime of 99.95 %. Select a service provider that provides guaranteed consistency in uptime.

3.       Check Scalability Factors

Businesses plan their dedicated server hosting environment with an actual vision. The goal is to add new clients to their existing data for potential development and success. Businesses must ensure that the data center can accommodate the changes. The implementation will help in the growth of a company. Any business’s data center must provide the requisite level of flexibility. Linux dedicated servers meet the evolving demands of any business.

4.       CPanel Options

CPanel, or Control Panel, is a web-based interface that helps manage the server’s various tasks. Every dedicated server configuration includes a c-panel interface that enables users to manage their website, domain, email, etc. Also, it comprehensively regulates the business applications you use from a central location. Thus, check the c-panel options you are getting- whether it’s the improved ones or your service provider is offering an outdated stock control panel.  Always go with the enhanced features to gain complete control.

5.       Check Aftersales Assistance

It’s a vital parameter to consider. Usually, service providers offer instant support before the sale and during the sale. If you encounter any issue while managing your dedicated server, you often have to wait for long hours. Pick a reliable service provider that offers the most significant technical support that is easy to contact, and has a staff of professionals. Ensure they are assisting with server-setups, migration, and security, which is a must. Besides all, check their capabilities to make sure they can handle complex issues.


With the world becoming digital, having an informative and thorough business website is a must. Buy a Windows dedicated server for a solid and impactful online presence to stay ahead of the competition. Without the proper hosting support, even the best website designs and most dynamic websites will fail. To keep your website up and running, you’ll need nothing less than the most excellent Linux Dedicated Server!

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