From Published to Best Seller: The Art of Designing a Book Cover

As humans, we’re drawn to the pretty things in life. And whether you like it or not, the same extends to books, and we do end up judging a book by its cover. Whether we’re strolling through a bookstore or scrolling through our favorite online bookshop, certain book cover designs stand out from the rest, and it’s often these ones that land in our carts and hands. 

So for self-published authors and publishing agencies alike, getting a book’s cover design right can be the tipping point between soaring or low-scaling sales, and no one wants to be on the latter end! 

Worried because you’re a wordsmith and not an artist? Well, run that worry away, because I’m about to share all of my design idea tips and tricks for fiction book covers – believe me, your publications will be off the shelves and into homes in no time! 

  • Know your Theme

No matter how good a book cover may be, if it’s misleading then it’s not off to a great start. Your fiction book’s book cover should portray an outlook of the main themes or genres that your book centers around, helping potential readers align it with their interests. 

Start by grounding your fiction book into broad themes based on the content. Once you have a few down – remember the fewer the themes the better – you can start thinking about design ideas. Try and incorporate major elements from your story into the book cover – without giving away the plot, of course! – and choose a color theme that matches. 

All in all, think about what your book cover is giving off at first glance because that’s the image that will stick with your audience! 

  • Adapt to the Tiny

There’s a difference between viewing a book on a shelf and a book on your screen. And with the rising trend of e-commerce, more and more book sales are taking place online, which means that your book cover needs to be adapted to being viewed on a smaller screen. 

By all means, you can still choose to include intricate details on your book cover, but make sure to view your design from a smaller lens as well, ensuring that the design doesn’t get muddled up when it’s reduced. 

Tips for making such a book cover include sticking to clearly defined silhouettes and not bringing about an explosive merging of colors. 

  • Be Color Conscious

Color choice makes a big impact when it comes to visuals. Not only should your color palette be complementing one another, but it should also accurately represent the theme of your book. 

If you really want to go the extra mile, then read into color theory, looking at the effect that different colors will have on your audience. Another great design idea is to go for color accenting, choosing a black and white cover for your book and accenting it with a single pop of color. 

  • Make Use of the Right Tools

In today’s world, you don’t need to go about making your book cover from scratch without any help. There are tons of tools out there to help you, and using ones such as Poster My Wall will make the book cover creation process as easy as a breeze. 

Choose from one of Poster My Wall’s many book cover templates to get a head start on creating the perfect cover for your book. Use a template to get some direction on your design and then customize it to your heart’s desire. Change the size, color, elements – anything you want, really! What you’ll have at the end is a book cover you love!

And the best part? You can do all this yourself as Poster My Wall is insanely easy to use! So, no more spending big bucks on graphic designers and fancy tools, you can help your book come to life all by yourself!

Write the book of your dreams and help it succeed by following these tips and tricks for book cover design. And with tools such as Poster My Wall, all you’ll have to focus on is the writing! So, happy authoring!

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