Top 7 Places to buy original ordinary products online in Pakistan.

The ordinary vitamin C suspension is a 23 per cent pure L-ascorbic acid suspension free of water and silicone. This powdered, water-free suspension is ideal for people seeking treatments for uneven tone, symptoms of ageing, and antioxidant support. Visible indicators of ageing are targeted. The ordinary vitamin C serum is used once or twice per day. Cleanse, tone, use vitamin C serum, and then moisturize is a decent rule of thumb. The vitamin C in the product has most certainly oxidized if it has darkened or changed colour in any way.

The following are the 7 most significant online stores in Pakistan where you can buy original ordinary products.

Ordinary Pakistan

The Ordinary is a growing range of treatments that feature tried-and-true clinical technologies to improve cost and transparency in the skincare industry. The brand was designed to honour honesty in its purest and most authentic form. Its service is groundbreaking, not because of the well-known technologies it employs, but because of its honesty and sincerity. The Ordinary was created to prevent commodities from masquerading as inventiveness. “Clinical formulations with integrity” is the motto of The Ordinary.

The Beauty World

The World of Beauty is a one-of-a-kind internet platform with a diverse selection of products and services. Based on the science and art of delivery systems and services, Customers can expect an exceptional and smooth experience from Beauty World. The Beauty World strives to transform the world of beauty by providing all Pakistani women with a wide choice of inexpensive prestige beauty brands conveniently and quickly.

The Skin Fit

The goal at The Skin fit is to provide their customers with the most up-to-date Skincare and Beauty Products. They’ve gone a long way, and they know which path to take when providing high-quality products to the TSF Family. They keep a close eye on the current Skincare & Beauty trends and priorities their customers’ needs. They have happy consumers all across the world as a result of this.


Cozmetica offers ordinary vitamin C serum at a reasonable price. The ordinary vitamin C suspension works for skin tightening, brightening, discolouration, and dark circle eradication. Cozmetica is a well-known supplier of Pakistan’s leading cosmetic products, catering to a broad spectrum of customers. Because of its extensive collection of cosmetics in all categories, objective advice from beauty experts, collaborative customer support, and marketing inventiveness, it is considered one of the most significant online makeup retailers.

Pakistan’s top online retailer is It’s the go-to spot for all things beauty, including cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, and accessories. Since its inception five years ago, has grown to become the leading national online shop, offering all of your favourite cosmetic products in one convenient location. Thousands of your favourite beauty products are available in all categories and price ranges, from budget-friendly to well-known luxury brands.

Vegas. pk

In Pakistan, Vegas Cosmetics is a leading cosmetics company. About 500 international cosmetics brands, both high-end and low-cost products, are offered at the store. They also launch new and well-known brands to Pakistan every month in response to customer demand. Vegas. Pk is a modest internet-based company that buys and distributes natural cosmetics. You can locate well-known and significant companies in Vegas. PK.


Aodour is happy to offer only the highest-quality cosmetics to its consumers, which they selected after conducting extensive research on well-known brands from around the world. Aodour has also sought to impact people’s impressions of cosmetics from the start by providing thorough information on each product. As a result, its customers may readily select goods that fit their individual needs and flawlessly implement them.

A pure, powdered L-ascorbic acid solution is the main ingredient in The Ordinary’s Vitamin C SuspensionThe Ordinary Vitamin C serum is simple and effective for the skin. Cozmetica is an online retailer that sells Pakistan’s top cosmetics brands. They are one of Pakistan’s top online makeup retailers because they offer exceptional customer service, affordable costs, and a large selection of products.

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